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Inchmurrin Single cask 004

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LReview by @LarsA

9th Jul 2014


Inchmurrin Single cask 004
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  • Brand: Inchmurrin
  • ABV: 45%

I had high expectations when I saw this on sale (But still expensive enough to be of decent quality) in a local supermarket. Single cask, decent abv, no colouring, no chill filtration and organic. Distilled in 2000, and bottled in 2009. So in other Words a quite Young Whisky, but I thought that 9 years might be ok, I mean why not when Talisker 10 is as great as it is. Had I looked closer at the label it would have seen that it was distilled at Loch Lomond, and the I would most likely have avoided it. Strangely the label says since 1814, which is slightly odd, as the distillery was built in 1965, and started distilling in 1966. Colour: Very light gold, pretty much what can be expected from a young whisky matured in American oak (I assume that means Bourbon casks, but it is not specified on the label). Nose: Not much happening here. Except for a littele malt, and something faintly rotten, it+s pretty much nonexsistant. Palate: Well this is where it all goes terribly wrong. Strong malty cereal, but the faintly rotten smell from the nose, REALLY rears up it´s ugly head now. Someone on the net described it a sewage Water, and I´m afraid I´m inclined to agree. Finish: Not very strong, but unfortunately fairly long and persistent. This is really vile swill. Last time I drank this, it took two resonably large Taliskers to remove the unplesant taste in my mouth. I will not in the foresseable future (Most likely never)ingest anything from Loch Lomond, if I can avoid it. They should be ashamed to relase such a product at the Price they demand for it. I can thinks of several unplesant blends at a third of the price, that I´d rather have than this. For instance I´d much prefer a dram of Ballantines Finest to Inchmurrin, although I would actually prefer nothing at all, if faced with these two choices. I had some friends drop by for some drams, and they hated it even more than I did. One of the best moment of the evening was when we poured the rest of the bottles contents down the kitchen sink.


Victor commented

@LarsA, experiences like the one you've had with Inchmurrin Cask # 004 are one of the main reasons why we read and write reviews. This is a cautionary tale, indeed. Thanks for the warning. With this sort of experience I wouldn't run out and buy any more Inchmurrin bottles either. It would make me extremely curious, though, to sample some of their other bottlings just to see whether this low quality was truly typical for this distillery, or more of a one-off. On a practical basis I'd likely wait until I could try a small sample from a friend, though, because it might anger me to spend more money on another unpleasant experience.

On a separate subject I see that the first bourbon you've added to your cabinet is Noah's Mill. A very interesting high ABV and high pitched flavours choice. KBD, the people who make Noah's Mill, produce (but only recently distill) a lot high quality products. Those are the Willett people.

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LarsA commented

Hi Victor. Inchmurrin: Well as I wrote, I would have avoided it, had I known that it was basically a Loch Lomond. In general, OB´s from Loch Lomond, tend to get VERY bad reviews, whether they are called, Loch Lomod, Inchmurrin, Crofenegra or??? (They have lots of different names for their disgusting swill). The only ones that seem to be any good, apparently all come from independent bottelers. If you´re going to sample anything from this distillery, I´d suggest having a toothbrush and a dram like Lagavulin or Laphroaig ready, to at least partially remove the nasty taste, at least if it´s an OB. I don´t plan on tasting any of the OB´s again. I might however be persuaded to try an indenpendant botteling, if I´m in a good mood, AND slightly tipsy (Or worse!). I agree with you, that this is part of the reason to read reviews, but I do feel that it is just as important to get suggestions on what it might be interesting to try. Noah´s Mill: Well actually it´s not my first Bourbon. If you look at what I´ve had in the past, there are a few Bourbons. Right now I can think of Bulleit (oddly enough 40% where I live), Four Roses and Jim Beam, and the awful Jack Daniels, which to me is Bourbon, although I know that technically speaking the last one is a Tennesee whiskey. I´ve never really enjoyed any of them. But reading quite a few glowing reviews of Bourbon here (I always enjoy your´s for instance), I´ve decided that Bourbon should be investigated a little more, before I give up on it. Some time ago I tasted a Blanton´s at a festival that I quite liked, and as I´ve seen some very positive mentions of the Noah´s Mill, I thought I´d try it, when I saw it in one of my local shops. I´ve just finished my second dram of it (It was significantly better than the first one!), and I must say I think this one was quite a good buy, I could certainly get used to this.

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Ol_Jas commented

You do sometimes see pretty positive reviews for well-aged Loch Lomond IBs, but they seem like the exception. I've only had the Loch Lomond NAS in the blue label, and it was bad. Rotten industrial flowers.

LarsA, might I constructively suggest you put more paragraph breaks in your posts? They'd make your comments easier to read.

Rock on.

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