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casualtorture started a discussion

There may be a topic on this already, if so I apologize.

I started an American Whiskey infinity bottle. So far I have 90ml of Woodford Rye and 70ml of OGD BiB.

I would like to hear what some other people have done with regards to their own infinity bottles. Do you just randomly dump stuff in it without measuring? Do you only do one style or do you mix styles? I'm planning on keeping mine as a rye/bourbon bottle as I don't think Laphroig would mix well with bourbon, but who knows?

I'm not going to seek out specific milliliters but rather just measure out the last bit of bottles I'm finishing and put it in the infinity bottle and keep up with what is going in it. I'm probably not going to do the math to keep up with the abv but I might change my mind.

What do you guys do with yours?

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I keep thinking about this topic, but I haven’t brought myself to start a Solera/Infinity/Blendaggedon bottle yet.

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cricklewood replied

I haven't had an infinity bottle in a while, when I did it was mostly a blend of Canadian whisky and bourbon. The last one I did, I wrote on the label how much of each I put in but I wasn't choosing the quantities, just dumping heels.

I think of you're sticking to rye and bourbon it's a pretty safe blend fodder. I think there's less of a jarring shift between distillery styles than with single malts. It's not being pejorative wink towards bourbon. I think the style lends itself very well to blending.

I've thought about doing this again since I have a few bottles lingering in the danger zone. I'll add it to the post once I do.

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@cricklewood pejorative needs to be the official Connosr 'insider word' now.

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