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casualtorture started a discussion

Just to make you guys jealous, I just bought 3 bottles of Talisker 10 and a 57N. The 10yo was USD$21 each. The 57N was USD$70. I had my girlfriend get them in China while she is visiting and we'll be bringing them back after my visit and our wedding later this month. What do you guys think about this? I mean Talisker 10yo is $77+tax in Nashville. I just got it for $21 in China. Are they just trying to break into the Asian market? It's all cheaper in Asia right now it seems. It's just such a HUGE gap.

6 years ago

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Hewie replied

Those are some cracking prices. Yeah, I can't get my head around how different bottles can be so differently priced in different countries. One bottle cheaper, another more expensive. No rhyme or reason sometimes. Make the most of it while you can!

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RianC replied

@Nozinan - Ha, yes I'm sure i once bought a bottle of Joinny Walker Red Label in Vietnam . . .

The pricing of whisky fascinates me (I'm easily pleased, or so it would seem!). I know that here in the UK supermarkets tend to price certain malts at what must be at very little profit margins, in the hope that you then proceed to buy x amount of superfluous crap whilst you're in there. But as the saying goes, 'There's no flies on me!' ;) I happened to be a recent beneficiary of this generous pricing (see recent purchases thread) but it has to be said that there are some malts e.g. Lagavulin 16, that never go on sale. Did I mention I now own a bird feeder, three bags of half price dog food (I don't own a dog) and five bags of family size cheese and onion crisps?

Similarly, on line is where the prices can be at their best and actual 3D 'real' specialist shops are not worth the visit, imo. Far too £££

When I read about or see prices elsewhere it seems very odd that there is such vast discrepancies, even allowing for taxes, import duties etc. I remember a while back mulling over how a vote for Scottish independence aligned with Brexit could impact on prices of whisky in England . . .

Anyways, i'm rambling, so will finish on my view, or is it more of a question?, that surely the base rates i.e. sale points from the distilleries, must be pretty similar, right? So if that's the case the fluctuations must be then due to either the aforementioned taxes/duties and/or the margin of profit which the vendor chooses to see fit? Or to put it another way, how far they think they can get away with bending you over wink

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@Nozinan haha you do have to be careful over there. But yes it's the same distributor that I've always used in China and they've never let me down. I did find a Johnny Walker Black Labor there one time.

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Victor replied

@RianC, thanks for your fun post! Not only are prices extremely variable according to location, but distribution is perhaps even screwier even than pricing. Which products one can buy in a given location is highly variable.

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RianC replied

@Victor - Indeed! I think we are pretty lucky here in England as it seems that most Scotch based products are available. I know that a few special bottlings end up overseas but the amount of available IBs makes up for that I would say.

I'd say it's a bit harder to source bourbon and some Irish whiskies though, especially the more high end bourbons, which is a bit of a shame.

On balance I'd say the US seem to get pretty good deals. I was perusing a Californian whisky shop's selection and prices recently and would say £ for $ there wasn't much in it.

Our Canadian and Australian 'cousins' however, seem to get a lot of that bending over I mentioned . . .

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DevD replied

@casualtorture, In which city of China were these bottles available?

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