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Is the Kilkerran 8 worth picking up?

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Jonathan started a discussion

I'm not finding many reviews.

4 years ago

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RianC replied

@MadSingleMalt @Jonathan - Thanks for the links. I bought the second release of this a while back but haven't opened it yet. All i can say is that I doubt it will be awful and £50 for such a whisky these days is great value.

As an aside - did anyone see the new Ralfy vlog where he shows off his new purchases? Among the drool inducing set was a 15 year old single cask Kilkerran that cost under £100 . . . Taxi to Campbeltown, please laughing

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KRB80 replied

Personally, I prefer the 12yr. I absolutely adore the 12yr but there is something off-putting about the 8yrCS that I can't quite put my finger on. I bought a second bottle last year to prove myself wrong but I just ended up mixing it with Hazelburn 12yr and a dash of Clynelish 14yr to great effect.

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