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J.P Wiser's Legacy

Air Canada

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@Robert99Review by @Robert99

1st Jul 2017


J.P Wiser's Legacy
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For the 150th birthday of Canada, I'm going back to a sure value among Canadian whisky: Wiser's Legacy. But It would not be useful to write another review of this well known whisky if this bottle was freshly opened. I hope this review will be of interest because I am reviewing from a bottle that has been opened for two years without being gas and that is still 40% full. So let starts.


A lot of menthol, floral, light maple, almond, vanilla, some cherry, light wood spices, grainy cereals, custard and a bit of sourdough. It is way less woody than it was originaly.


A lot more sweet than the nose, a mix of caramel and maple. More floral too and the custard is now banana. The other flavors are faint souvenirs in the background.


Almond and vanilla flows over a gneral minty floral background with a bit of bitter note at the end.


Balance is very good, but , at the same time, it is like the air has separeted the components of this blend. I have a young rye with its floral notes and an older corn part with a rounded sugar. I do understand better now the comment of @paddockjudge about the column still part being the star part of this blend and my guess is that it is also the oldest part.


This bottle presents a different whisky now. Not as bold and spicy as it was or woody but more floral with higher notes. It's funny but the rye makes me think more of a young Willett than Lot 40. As for the corn part, I simply never tasted its equivalent. I think that this bottle was at its best after something like 6 months but it is a remarkable tribute to its quality that it remains so good after 2 years of air exposure.

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Nelom commented

I missed this review when it first went up. Nicely done @Robert99. While my bottles of Legacy never last for two years, it's nice to know that they'd hold up reasonably well if they would. The floral notes one can detect in some ryes are always very welcome to me, so I'm tempted to set aside some Legacy for a while to see how I'd like it.

7 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

Did I hear correctly at Spirit of Toronto that it is currently not in production because it's not selling well?

7 years ago 0