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nanc4x started a discussion

I'm re-doing our bathroom & when we pulled out the bathtub, we found an old bottle of whiskey under it. I'm trying to figure out how old this bottle is. it says bottled in bond under u.s government supervision 100 proof J W Dant Genuine Sour Mash Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey

14 years ago

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LeFrog replied

Strange place to find a bottle of whiskey, wonder what the story is behind it...

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Victor replied

J W Dant BIB has a general reputation as a relatively meritorious bottom-shelfer in the US. There are apparently no Connosr reviews of it. I am very curious to try it and to review it, because I think that a lot of the best bourbon deals today are among some of the neglected products, like Dant. The only thing slowing me down from getting some of this is that it is only available locally in "handles". Not sure I want to store 1.75 Litres of the stuff.

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paddockjudge replied

Was there a bottle of Gooderham & Worts , with a 1912 excise stamp, in the wall as well? I'm becoming familiar with this renovation project.

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Ol_Jas replied

Sure it wasn't Prohibition-era gin?

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