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James E Pepper Bourbon Aged 15 Years

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29th Jul 2013


James E Pepper Bourbon Aged 15 Years
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  • Brand: James E Pepper
  • ABV: 46%

I first saw this one on the shelves a few months ago. Since it was a return of a very old brand, there were no reviews. Then, around the time of this year's Kentucky Derby, I found it's younger brother at 100 proof (50% ABV). I took a chance and bought the younger brother and it's taste profile overwhelmed me. Both this 15 year old and it's younger brother are 38% rye in the mashbill and non chill filtered. They also release a similar pair called Rye Whiskey that is 90% rye in the mashbill. Ironically, both of the 100 proof younger brothers and not the lower proof 15 year olds got all of the awards. This should have told me something about the old adage of bourbon spending "too long in the wood". The younger brother would rate in the nineties (which I am temporarity out of stock in my cabinet), but this one is just too smooth and expensive ($75 US).

Since I am not too good at coming up with flavors that really don't exist, I will give you that from their website. It is vanilla and honey (agree), as well as chocolate and cloves (disagree). Of course, it is described as bourbon sweetness and rye spice. I would also add the usual leather taste and nose for all good bourbons.

This one is worth finding, but stick with the 100 proof versions of the two mashbills that don't have age designations.





MisterDigger commented

Since this one is a first from this distillery, the name of James E Pepper does not yet appear.

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