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Happy Good Friday

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@casualtortureReview by @casualtorture

19th Apr 2019


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I figured I would get back to some basics after having sampled some excellent whiskies recently to kind of “reset.” Whenever I think of Irish whiskey, Jameson immediately comes to mind.

Sample is from a bottle that is 80% full and opened about a week. Neat in a glencairn. The code on the neck is JQ-058548. I assume that is a batch number?

Nose: Pleasant nose of cucumber, vanilla, lemon, and fruit hard candies. Gentle and soft. It’s amazing what proper glassware can do for a whiskey. I’ve had plenty of Jameson in my day but never from a proper glass until now.

Palate: Gentle palate, not a whole lot going on. Very clean and crisp almost like a clear liquor. Cucumber, melon, grass, lemon if you search hard enough. Not offensive in any way because there isn’t much there.

Finish: Floral, honey maybe? It was in a hurry I guess.

Overall: Either this was a good batch or glassware is making a positive difference. This is better than I remember Jameson being. Strength of flavour is lacking but that is to be expected from something triple distilled and 40%. If I was at a bar and had to pick between this, and a plain Jack Daniels or Jim Beam, I would pick Jameson every time. Probably because you don’t taste all that much and what is there is pleasant enough.

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