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Jefferson's Ocean Cask Strength

New Wood Dominance

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@VictorReview by @Victor

7th Nov 2016


Jefferson's Ocean Cask Strength
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My thanks go to @newreverie for the reviewed sample. Jefferson's Ocean Cask Stength is listed as 'Voyage 7' during which time some of the whiskey aging occurred at sea. There is no age statement here, but estimates are that the bourbon is 6 to 8 years old

Nose: very strong intensity with enormously strong wood spice flavours, cloves, cassia/cinnamon, and nutmeg; lots of wood tannins without a lot of bitterness, happily. There is a nice sweet/dry balance here. Score: 22/25

Taste: thick and syrupy mouthfeel; big flavours! with lots of natural caramel and vanilla. The spices are still here too. Very sweet, and very nice, in a thick and intense sort of way. Score: 23/25

Finish: long strong finish with lots of flavour; goes a little tannic bitter by the death. Still quite enjoyable, though. Score: 22/25

Balance: the rowdy intense parts hang together in a satisfactory way, just...Score: 22/25

Water added: 1) brings out high-pitched sweetness, and 2) bundles the pitches in the mouth. Water added is nice in the nose, but is a step down in the mouth

Total Sequential Score: 89 points

Strength: VERY strong. Score: 24.5/25

Quality: very good but not excellent wood flavours, which dominate. Score: 22.5/25

Variety: very adequate variety in the flavours. Score: 22/25

Harmony: the harmony works with the more intense wood elements remaining just within civilised bounds. Score: 22.5

Total Non-Sequential Score: 91.5 points

Comment: this is BIG WHISKEY. Those who can enjoy big new wood flavours will enjoy this one a lot. Those who don't enjoy feasting on oak will be much less enthusiastic about Jefferson's Ocean Cask Strength. As one who likes Big Flavours and like the flavours of New Oak, I like Jefferson's Ocean Cask Strength even better than the 90 points critic's score which I am giving here. For me this is a 94 point whiskey for enjoyment

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newreverie commented

I agree with you on the 94 point enjoyment. This bourbon does everything I wanted it to as a step up from my 2nd edition bottle. Where my second edition was smooth sailing, this one offers some chop that makes it more interesting and enjoyable. connosr.com/reviews/jeffersons/…

7 years ago 0

Victor commented

@newreverie, I do consider this Jeffereson's Ocean CS to be quite a find for quality. Unlike other high quality bourbons this one is quite available for purchase in my area at this time. The price is not inexpensive here, but it is within reach.

7 years ago 0

newreverie commented

@Victor years later and I'm polishing off this bottle. It is still solid. I get new flavors I've never had in bourbon before, things like raspberry. Still huge wood and spice flavors. I think I'm going to track down a few more bottles. Voyage 7 is a keeper.

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