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Laphroaig Cairdeas 2012

My Favorate Laphroaig so far

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@yoriReview by @yori

25th Jul 2013


Laphroaig Cairdeas 2012
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I made a phone order for the 2013 Port wood after missing out on the FOL email. I got my bottle two weeks later by someone coming back from the US, and he handed me a green bottle... I looked at the label and its the Origin - 2012. I looked it up and thought is can't be bad (called the store and they gave me a port wood at a huge discount for their error - very happy to have both).

Well - I tried it yesterday and wasn't dissapointed!

the nose is very gentle, with hints of smoke ans something citrusy - couldn't nail it between lemon and orange, with a hint of rind. Adding afew drops of water helped increase, but remained gentle. Letting it breath with the water also improved and made it extremely smooth.

The pallate was very nice - I could have enjoyed some more smoke, but a great balance of smoke and fruitiness, with hints of lemon - simply delicious!!! I enjoyed holding it in my mouth, but it is smooth enough for drinking straight, unlike some recent Ardbegs that bite...

Finish - not very long and quite gentle, but incredibly nice. At a reasonable price you can still get bottles in some places, and I am trying to get a case - this is the best bang for the buck of any whisky I have tried to date (i have not yet tried the port wood edition, as it still awaits me in the US...).

This whisky has no drawbacks and is extremely enjoyable. not overly complex, but complex and complete enough for both seasoned and novice scotch drinkers.

An never forget - it is Cairdeas - share with a friend, as I did!

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marcusaurelius commented

I've been eyeing this bottle for quite some time and I finally got around to picking it up. It's great stuff. My favorite Laphroaig for sure. Would you happen to know where I could get some?

9 years ago 0

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