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Laphroaig PX Cask

Pleasant, easy sipping

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@OdysseusUnboundReview by @OdysseusUnbound

12th Nov 2018


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The interwebz is a wonderful place. Hang out in enough whisky-themed places (Connosr, Instagram, Facebook) and you start to develop a nice little network. Thus far, I feel like I’ve received far more than I’ve put out into the whisky-verse, but I’m always trying to balance out that equation as best I can. This sample came my way from a Facebook friend and fellow Laphroaigophile who has helped me acquire several hard to get (for me) bottles. I remain in his debt.

I believe this is a travel retail exclusive, but I could be wrong.

Tasting notes

  • Nose(undiluted): damp peat, dark fruit (raisins, dates), a hint of cinnamon, some iodine, brine, and a the medicinal/antiseptic note that Laphroaig is known for.
  • Palate (undiluted): very soft, rounded, I'm shocked that this is 48% ABV, quite fruity, almost sticky with dates, less smoke than I expect from Laphroaig, subtle coffee notes
  • Finish: medium length, malty, oat cakes, somewhat medicinal with a touch of smoke and dates lingering

With water, there's a mineral note that comes out on the nose, like pencil lead. The fruit becomes a bit brighter, with lemons joining the raisins and dates. The palate and finish are almost unchanged with water, there is a slight re-ordering of the flavours, with the smoke being a bit more prominent, but otherwise it stays the same. Add water or don't, it doesn't seem to change much.

This feels like a “summer Laphroaig”, almost like what Select could have been, had they bottled it at a more respectable strength. It’s a bit fruitier and not quite as smoky and medicinal as I want it to be, but it’s pleasant nonetheless. I won’t try to hunt down a bottle, but I would certainly purchase one if I came across it at a reasonable price.

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Nozinan commented

Nice review. I don't think it is possible or wise for a casual Islay sipper to track down every expression, but having read your review I would more likely than not accept a dram if offered.

about one year ago 1Who liked this?

MadSingleMalt commented

"Add water or don't, it doesn't seem to change much."

Sweet! Then your free tab water can be immediately transformed into expensive Laphroaig.

about one year ago 1Who liked this?

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