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Laphroaig Quarter Cask

A cold winter night in liquid form

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@ttavennerReview by @ttavenner

16th Dec 2010


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It's snowing here as a write this and looking out at the drifts I think this is the perfect expression for the season. It has all the elements of late fall/early winter: warmth, smokiness, and just a touch of sugar.

Nose: At first it's like putting your face into a camp fire. Wood smoke and burning leaves. Even sitting on the table a few feet away is like sitting by a roaring fireplace. Underneath the smoke is a layer of sweet citrus, oranges perhaps. Finally, just a touch of sugar.

Tongue: The burn is medium strong, but quickly gives away to a smoothness you wouldn't expect from the nose. Cocoa, light vanilla, rice pudding perhaps? The smoke comes back in at the end, hanging around the back of the mouth long after the others have faded.

Body: This is a very solid dram. It fills the mouth without being too demanding and, with the exception of a pleasant smoke trail, doesn't hang around too long. Very well mannered without being timorous.

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Victor commented

Just a touch of sugar? This is the sweetest Laphroaig, by far, that I have tasted. Those little casks give a lot more opportunity for the sugars from the wood to sweeten this up. Like you, I do like it very much, and would rate it about 8.5

9 years ago 0

ttavenner commented

You are right that it's nowhere near as dry or peaty as other Laphroaigs I've had. But the touch of sugar was in reference to the nose. I think far more of the sugar comes out on the tongue.

9 years ago 0

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