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Laphroaig Quarter Cask


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YReview by @Youngupstart

11th Apr 2011


Laphroaig Quarter Cask
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Such a lovely whisky, and one to reckoned by. If I remember correctly this was the 4th bottle in my cabinet (real life), and was such an exploration into the world of peat smoke. On a sidenote, this whisky is such a reasonable price you can't pass it up.

N:Sweet smoke and citrus start up this act followed by a nice background of peat moving to the foreground. Tar and asphalt take a hold of the nose, but in a pleasant way with more smokey peat hot on it's tail. At one point, a very clean stillness takes the saddle, but is shadowed by more sweet smoke. A lemony zest is also floating around in the glass though it is still fairly light. B:Oiliness is average with thick beading and lazily falling legs running at a moderate rate. The colour appears a pale straw. T:Peat and more sweet smoke play around on the tongue along with notes of light vanilla and a bit of what seems to be sugarcane. Zestiness is also recognized entwining with a background spicines, barely missing a beat. The peat and smoke are both ever present throughout the experience.

F:Like a smokehouse with hanging salted meats about, then peat makes another welcomed appearance, like the floor of the smokehouse is a peat bed slowing burning mingling in the air. A little oaky bitterness along with smallish vanilla notes crop up to join the midst. Mouth is watering slightly and the whisky has a mouth coating effect. BEAUTIFUL!

Once again I love this whisky, it blew my mind the first time I tried it and everytime I open the bottle my heart skips a beat. A milestone for me and I hope others are able to relate. Slainte!

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PaulT commented

Great whisky. Strong flavoured and very good value for the money. It grows on you!

13 years ago 0