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Laphroaig Triple Wood

Why? And is it common ?

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DReview by @Decadan

8th Jul 2015


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First, i am a lover of scotch whisky (Isle of Islay), single malt. A few days back i bought a bottle of Triple Wood, and i liked it, very much so. But i was dumbstruck, maybe naive of me, but i was !! Just above the bar-code, in a different language than English, i think Danish, it is printed; coloring with caramel ??!! (and so taste). Why my reaction upon this one one may ask. Simple, it is the peat, water, wood, air,... wich gives the taste and color to a whisky, no? Why switch to additives? I understand the fact that 'wood finish' may raise some questions, but that someone can provide me with an answer that gives me clarity. Now, the Triple Wood gives me a total new experience in taste, aftertaste and aroma. One can taste the surroundings, the landscape, wood and a new identity of Islay. It makes me smile. It makes me share it whit friends, talk about it and widen my experience. I love it loud. But for a further experience i would like to know why? Is this done frequently? I am not being negative about a product of this quality and its richness, but i was surprised. Still bravo for your Triple Wood and thanks.




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Nozinan commented


There are a lot of good malts that have caramel added. I understand from a marketing standpoint for low end blends but for the good stuff, why?

Laphroaig Quarter Cask is the same. It is usually the bottlings for the EU that have it and some travel retail. Labelling laws are less strict in NA.

4 years ago 0

Alexsweden commented

It really is a pity

4 years ago 0

Alexsweden commented

It really is a pity

4 years ago 0

Pandemonium commented

It's a pity for purists but for the casual drinker it shouldn't matter. The E150 may be called caramel colouring, but it does not add the familiar caramel taste to your dram. In fact e150 in large quantities is a bitter substance.

4 years ago 0

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