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Laphroig reveals 2019 Cairdeas

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Wasn't the old discontinued Triple Wood already up at 48%? This isn't really that different, then, is it?

I haven't bought a Cairdeas since 2016, and that trend appears likely to continue.

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@MadSingleMalt I asked John Campbell point blank on Instagram if Triple Wood was discontinued and he said “No. It remains part of the core range.” We haven’t seen any in Ontario for awhile though. Unlike @MadSingleMalt I will buy a CS Triple Wood if we get it. I’d love to get my hands on a CS Quarter Cask, which never came to the LCBO....

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Nock replied

@MadSingleMalt I totally agree. 51.4% doesn't sound like cask strength Laphroaig to me. And it isn't different enough from 48% to justify it for me. After all, most of their last 10yo CS have come in around the upper 50's (58%, 58.1% and 59.9%). I also got to try a cask at the distillery that was 19 years old and 58.8%. I get it. Some casks hold their ABV higher than others . . . but come on. If you are going to vat a version of the Triple Cask at Cask Strength at least get it up to 54% or 56%.

@OdysseusUnbound . . . I am a huge Laphroaig fan . . . and the truth is you didn't miss out on the cask strength version of the Quarter Cask. The standard Quarter Cask is actually better. And keep in mind this is coming from a guy who is an ABV snob and loves Laphroaig. When I was at the distillery last year several of the employees even admitted as much. They said that everyone pleaded for that Cairdeas (CS Quarter Cask), but when it came out people were disappointed. The person saying it was trying to make the point that higher ABV wasn't always better. My suggestion is that batch variation matters even more. And that batch of the 2017 Cask Strength Quarter Cask simply wasn't a great batch. This reminds me that I need to revisit that bottle. I just checked my notes and it has been over 6 months since I last tried the bottle. My memory is that there was too much vanilla. The standard version balanced the vanilla with the peat, iodine, and oak. Who knows? Maybe it will have improved.

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Frost replied

Read this is "triple distilled" in a headline of an article. "That's different, three times!"

Oh, three wood


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@Nozinan now for the $64 000 question:

  • Is this the Cairdeas that’s really being advertised as an up-and-coming online exclusive at the LCBO? I realize they’re saying it’s the Cairdeas fino Cask, but as we saw with the bungled non/release of Cairdeas Cask Strength QC, what they advertise and what they sell isn’t always the same...

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Nozinan replied

@OdysseusUnbound Has the LCBO advertised something new? I must say I've not been reading their emails because I rarely see anything that interests me.

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@Nozinan There’s none in stock yet, but when the actual Fino Cask was released, the picture on the app was of the Cask Strength QC....

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Nozinan replied

@OdysseusUnbound I know...I was really looking forward to that and got the Fino, which, I hear was good but have not yet had the opportunity to open.

I suppose when the Fino comes online we will get this, which I'm ok with. If we happen to get another Fino it can always be passed along or returned.

As I said, I'm in...

Despite the setback to my cabinet goal (4 new arrivals as gifts)...

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