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noodlexyz started a discussion

Not to break up a good conversation but does anyone on the boards live in the Milwaukee, WI area? Furthermore, where are you guys from and hows the whisky scene where you live? We have a couple great whisky bars here in Milwaukee and some liquor stores that down right give it away at prices sometimes I can believe! Although, I haven't met many whisky lovers here which seems odd to me, well...only a little given that it is Milwaukee and we do beer here pretty well! :)

14 years ago

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markjedi1 replied

I live in Ghent (Belgium) and the whisky scene is quite impressive here (little did I know less than 6 months ago). We have some very good whisky shops (some online) with a huge range, but we can also easily import from Schotland and the UK (which, I admit) is sometimes cheaper (even with the shipping charge).

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ocmpoma replied

I'm in the San Diego, California area. I'm relatively new, but the availability of whisky here looks pretty standard for the US, which is to say, rather bland.

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jeanluc replied

I'm based in London. I can't say there is a buzzing whisky scene here but maybe I'm not looking in the right places, I share a few drams with my friends and thats good for me.

We have a some good shops dotted about and a number of whisky bars (which I don't often get time to make the most of).

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rowin replied

Leuven, Belgium here. There are some good shops nearby, but none actually in Leuven really. A few whisky bars, none too good :) BUT, a couple good friends with good whiskies is all I need :)

and the occasional whisky festival ofcourse ;)

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WhiskyNotes replied

I've just moved back to Belgium as well, after living in Madrid, Spain for a couple of years.

I know at least 8 great whisky shops in Belgium, which is quite spectacular if you know they all offer hundreds of expressions. Also, taxes and prices are quite low. We're spoiled really. In Spain I couldn't find any decent shops within a 200 km. range.

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UffeK replied

I'm located in Karlshamn, Sweden. The whisky scene in Sweden is rather good I think, even in a small town like Karlshamn there is at least one whisky society with regular tastings, usually 4 per year. If you want to buy whisky the Swedish Systembolaget (www.systembolaget.se) has quite an extraordinary selection of something like 800 different whiskies.

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noodlexyz replied

Sounds good gents! I would love to get over the Europe one of these days! I'm a huge motorsports nut and seeing the Silverstone 24 hour, Spa 24, Nurburgring 24, and Le Mans would allow me to die a happy man! Plus, just traveling and seeing different cultures, places, processes of life would be something to savor. If anyone wants to come visit here, I'll trade you apartments for a couple weeks! ;)

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