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Longmorn 16 Year Old

Can't win for trying...

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21st Dec 2013


Longmorn 16 Year Old
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What a bottle...Glass, paper, metal, leather, wood. What about the components inside the bottle? Non-chill filtered, 16 years in oak - sherry? bourbon? Who knows. The label does not say. It is a Speysider, so I would assume some sherry cask influence.

Soft meaty rancio on the nose. I feel like this note is often in sherried whisky. It reminds me of roasted meat, specifically the Asian pork specialty, Char Siu. Spiced apples. Not bad.

Immediately hit with some bitterness on the front, and burn on the swallow. The burn is nice. The bitterness is not. Let's give it a swirl. Ouch. Severe burn on the cheeks and gum line. Long numbing sensation. Drying and bitter. As loathe as I am to do this, let's add some water. I'll be back...

Well, I don't like what water does to the nose. The original notes are there, but muted. On the other hand, the burn is gone, and I am left with a taste that I can evaluate. Wood - like sucking on a Popsicle stick. Canned lychee fruit. A bit of white dog? Not a fan.

Without water, there is a nice enough nose, but the burn is quite rough. With water, the nose is neutered, the burn is tempered, but the taste which comes through, fails to impress. Neither option is wholly satisfying.

Pasadena. Not a repeat purchase.

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GotOak91 commented

Its a shame too. At 16yrs old and a really nice presentation it seems to get rough reviews.

10 years ago 0

olivier commented

I really like the 16yo Longmorn.

10 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

I agree the 16 is a bit weak. I have two bottles left of the 15, which is quite delicious. If you happened to live in Portland, I would have you over for a dram or two. Merry Christmas, Onibubba. I feel your pain. The 16 is a let-down to me, as well, especially after the 15's understated polish.

10 years ago 0

DutchGaelisch commented

Spot on, the poshy bottle is a waste of money and resources. The packaging and bottle is more difficult to recycle. Longmorn should take a look at Deanston, no window-dressing, just the product, the way it should be. It's the liquid that counts! I still don't know what to think of the taste, I'm not impressed yet. When I get my head around it I'll write my review.

9 years ago 0

FMichael commented

Had a bottle of this a few years ago, and I recall enjoying it enough to have purchased another.

Reminds me of a Balvenie 15 yr Single Barrel, strong vanilla/honey with some alcohol burn, but not quite as 'polished' as the Balvenie.

For $50 it's a good value, but from what I've seen most charge $85 plus, and for that $$$ I'd much rather buy something else.

9 years ago 0