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Lost Spirits Leviathan III

The worst whisky in the world

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@Ol_JasReview by @Ol_Jas

12th Apr 2015


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  • Brand: Lost Spirits
  • ABV: 53%

Artisan, hand-made, single cask, uncolored, unfiltered, heavily peated, unique flavors—the Leviathan III has everything right. And yet, it's so, so, wrong.

The first pour destroyed me. I could only handle a couple sips before I had to cut the rest of my glass with some other stuff, all of which failed to counteract the Leviathan. My mouth was just simply exploded with grossness.

The next day, I had the worst taste ever in my mouth. No amount of tooth-brushing, water-drinking, gum-chewing, or garlic-eating could overcome it. Yuck.

I put it in an open decanter with just a towel over the top to keep out my wife's cats. For days and days. The nastiness would not blow off. I had another glass, and I had another indefatigable dead fish mouth.

My whisky club came over and took a taste. One part of the conversation went along these lines: "They smoke it with Canadian peat—It tastes like they smoke it with moose crap—Maybe it's a moose named Pete."

So what exactly is this flavor that it destroys you with? As a father of two young'uns, I can confidently say that it's the smell of wet diapers. Wet disposable diapers. Pee not poo. The kind that have been sitting a bit too long, like after a nap.

Wet diapers on fire.

The worst whisky in the world. I give it a 7, one point for each good thing it could claim in the opening line of this review. And even that's generous because "artisan" and "hand-made" are (a) synonymous and (b) meaningless.

A little perspective: This is my first review on Connosr, despite yakking on here for quite a while. Anyway, know that this bad review isn't the result of an aversion to peat and strong flavors. My favorite whisky is probably Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength and my most common complaint about whisky that doesn't turn me on is "boring." Rather, the Leviathan III is just vile.


Pierre_W commented

What a great and funny read, @OlJas! That must have been quite a tasting session, yuk! For a similar experience you might want to try the 100th review of our good friend @numen: connosr.com/reviews/usuikyou/…. There are no limits when it comes to whisky awfully gone wrong.

3 years ago 0

AndyC commented

Mmmm, peated, urine-soaked nappies. That's certainly an acquired taste. The intrinsic quality of the baby urine mustn't have been there, and maybe it was stored in drainage warehouses. Bom, bom. Hope you didn't buy a whole bottle!

3 years ago 0

AndyC commented

It was meant so say 'dung-aged' warehouses. Still a crap joke though.

3 years ago 0

Ol_Jas commented

Andy, that's funny either way.

And yes, I did buy a whole "bottle" (is that another baby joke, or am I just on the alert for them now?), but the seller (K&L Wine) gave me a refund, so no complaints. Well, I suppose the only complaint is the lingering taste of death.

3 years ago 0

olivier commented

I beg to differ; the Isawa Blend is the worst Whisky in the world. Tastes like sucking on prophyllactics.

3 years ago 0

Ol_Jas commented

OK, new plan: We create Ralfy Solera Bottle of Death comprised of Leviathan, Usikyou, that Bowmore 21, Isawa Blend, Loch Lomond NAS, McClellend's Speyside, and Brenne.

3 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

@olivier I'd rather suck on prophylactics than on Lambertus... It would have to be really bad to beat Lambertus.

11 months ago 1Who liked this?

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