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Macallan Cask Strength

Berry Nice!

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@mrgargusReview by @mrgargus

26th May 2013


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And so departs The Maccallan Cask Strength from my shelf. This one, I'm sad to see go. An outstanding Single Malt.

This one is probably one of the fruitiest whiskey's I've ever tried and this bouquet is delivered with a good stiff punch of Cask Strength 60.1% ABV. Still, it's smooth for a drink this strong. As a side note and this is one of those things that probably only interests me: This drink, upon nosing, makes me sneeze at least half the time. Not sure why this is, exactly, but this is the only Whiskey I've had that does this.

NOSE - It is very fruity - Cherry's, Grapes and Black Berries in that order. Within that, you can really smell the Alcohol there as well.

PALATTE: Right up front again: Cherry's. Some sugar. It's quite sweet. The grapes and blackberries are there as well though these two seemed stronger on the nose and don't figure as much to me once the drink is in my mouth.

FINISH: The finish on this drink is special and it not only lingers but really changes as it fades out. Initially, it numbs the lips a bit and feels almost 'fizzy'. After about 10 seconds, that fades and there's a nice warm feeling left behind. After about 30 seconds, the finish is less fruity to me and almost has a very slight smokey feel before it's gone.

Overall, a remarkably smooth and quite drinkable Dram even without adding any water. It's recommended to add a 'splash' of water but I didn't as I liked it just the way it was.

This has been 'discontinued' so says the LCBO website here in Ontario so it's probably a good idea to go and sock on of these away. I know I'll be looking for another bottle before they are gone.

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GBrough commented

I have heard a lot about this, the bevmo in my area has it should i save up for a bottle of it as a treat.

10 years ago 0

TallBoy commented

Once I found out it was being discontinued I grabbed the last bottle I had for sale. Haven't opened it yet but I remember how much I liked it at a tasting years before. Cask Strength is the way to go with excellent whiskey. Why pay for the water??

9 years ago 0

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