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Nozinan started a discussion

I have an opportunity to order some stuff abroad and my brother will bring it back as he travels through London. I was thinking 1-2 bottles of something I've really been wanting plus miniatures, as 2 adults can bring back 1.14L each. Looking at Whisky exchange I didn't see anything that struck my fancy, but Master of Malt offers 30 cc samples of a lot of things I might otherwise never get to try.

Does anyone have experience with MoM samples? Are they reliable examples of the big bottles?

8 years ago

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jeanluc replied

I've bought samples from Master of Malt many times – great service and 100% reliable.

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vanPelt replied

Possibly too much experience with them. :-) They are simply the most reputable (and awarded) provider of this service, and they have a reputation to uphold. Very good customer service, too. The downside can be price: you basically pay a full 3 GBP mark-up per sample vial, beyond the actual value of liquid inside. That can really add up, and with that business model it is not worth sampling cheaper whiskies. So now I use them just for the higher end stuff.

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maltmate302 replied

@Nozinan as you know I'm from the UK and I have dealt with MoM more than any other company . They are an extremely reliable , high quality whisky supplier. Saying that the prices are always very high , you get no 'deals' with MoM and these days I only get IB's and stuff I can't get from Holland. With the Drinks by the Dram option I can honestly say that I've never bought 1 .The mark up is outrageous but if you feel you can justify it, go for it. The only place I have bought samples from is Whiskybase in Holland. Far more reasonably priced!

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Nozinan replied

Thanks a lot for all your advice, I ended up ordering only 6 samples (a couple which I will be giving away) because the price does add up, but I was happy to have the opportunity to try stuff like Rumbullion 57% rum and Amrut Khadambam, things I would never be able to find here.

Plus I snagged a sample of Arran 12 YO CS batch 5. It's for sale her at LCBO and I really like the SMWS CS version I have. This way I can decide if I like it before plunking down the cash.

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