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Master of Malt Single Cask 12 Year Old Arran

Liquid Turkish delight

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@WhiskyNotesReview by @WhiskyNotes

13th Jan 2010


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Nose: a great maritime wave up front, that I’ve never experienced with Arran (a light sea breeze). It even hints towards farmy notes (yummie) that you can find in some Connemara, while at the same time integrating superb fruity notes like kiwi and lychee. All sorts of overripe fruits really. Marshmallows. Hints of spices in the background. With water some waxy vanilla emerges. On the nose one the most interesting Arran I’ve had.

Mouth: the marshmallows evolve into rosewater lokum (Turkish delight, the candy invented by confectioner Haci Bekir). These fragrant notes take over the whole profile, up to the point where I wonder if I’m drinking whisky or alcoholic rosewater. Very uncommon but really enjoyable, alhough you could argue the complexity is very low. With water some notes of sweet pears appear, with added hints of citrus and barley.

Finish: not too long. Still quite fragrant, even slightly perfumy.

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rogerdodger commented

I pretty much agree with the notes here. A beautiful barley bite, sweetness, beautiful spices and light fruits. Delicious stuff. For me, but I'm a fan of Arran malts, much higher than a 75. However, as the finish doesn't live up to the nose and palate for me, the 14 yo does this better. I'd give this an 87. Great but the 14 is rounder and does all this one does, just better.

11 years ago 0

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