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KRISTOPHEHART started a discussion

Where Can we find Mini Bottles 20cl and below and the more common 50ml bottles of single malt . I want to find some Lagavulin and Ardbeg Mini bottles. Preferably in person instead of on the whiskey exchange website because of the outrageous cost of shipping . Where can i find them In Texas, preferably in Houston.

10 years ago

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MCM replied

I like minis too. Not that I'm very helpful, but they seem to be more popular "across the pond"

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Nozinan replied

Often if you order a lot of minis you can get them for the same shipping as 1, or treat yourself and order a bottle of Bladnoch, that can't be bought for love or money in North America, and add some minis to your order. Often they will charge the same shipping as for the single bottle.

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maltygirl replied

TABC (Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission ) does not allow for whisk(e)y shipment (online ordering) into Texas. You can order wine online and have it shipped to you. Basically what is allowed for shipment is based on it's ABV and all whisky is above that threshold. Minis are hard to locate in Texas. I'm always on the look out for them. I've found 3 packs of Glenfiddich (12, 15, 18), Glenmorangie (Quinta Ruban, La Santa, Nectar d'or) and Belvennie (12, 15, 21). I've purchased the Belvennie 3 pack numerous times. Great value for what you get. For the past two years I'll see the Arbeg Uigi mini sold with the Arbeg 10 but only around the holidays and during the summer. They sell fast. Other than that we don't get many single malt minis in Texas. If you see any, let me know.

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Nozinan replied


Nice to know. Those are single cask releases. The first two are from the new ownership's production but the last one is too old. Funny that they refer to the owner as "Colin" Armstrong. I thought his name was Raymond. This has all the makings of a 1960 Scottish Whisky comedy show...

It would be great if the standard bottlings were available. The unpeated sherry cask expressions are excellent.

By the way, to stay on topic, they do sell miniatures from the distillery, but not overseas.

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