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Money no object!?

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Sroberts86 started a discussion

If money was no object and you didn't need to worry about the difficulty of sourcing the bottle or the fact that it might be all done, what bottle would you be about to open?

11 years ago

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Smokehead replied

I would really like to crack open one of the 1950's Glenfaclas family cask.really would.

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cpstecroix replied

Rare Old 19 year old St magdalene...

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BlueNote replied

Every Brora and Port Ellen ever made and maybe some old school Macallans. I'm a zillionaire, right?

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Victor replied

40 yo 1967 Duncan Taylor Springbank.

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Jason0142 replied

If money was Infinite and rarity wasn't a problem my dream would be to pop open a bottle of Gordon and MacPhail's Mortlach 70. Oldest whisky ever and apparently awesome. But obviously unattainable due to price.

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Sroberts86 replied

I was really lucky and for only £100 tried the Bowmore trilogy, bowmore 1965 and a few other rare treats. They were amazing, particularly the black bowmore but if you ever see a reasonably priced Glengarioch 1967,8 or 9 grab them quick (dont even know what they would cost). Failing that the Glengarioch have just released a 1986 which is, I think, distilled mid 60s and is therefore lightly peated. Incredible and not too expensive. Would love to try a Brora but never been lucky enough.

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Wodha replied

Brora 30 by the caseload. Black Bowmore. Glenfarclas Family Cask the entire series. Maybe a cask of Lagavulin in the mancave.

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GRoberts25 replied

I like them big and peaty, for me it would have to be The Laphroaig natural cask strength 1960 40 year old or The Ardbeg Lord of the Isles 1976 25 year old !

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SquidgyAsh replied

Ardbeg Lord of the Isles, Glenmorangie 1981, a 30+ yr old Brora, Another couple of older Port Ellens, Actually the entire Annual release of Port Ellens. The entire Glenfarclas family range, a bottle of Macallan from the 1950's at cask strength, Kavalan Taiwanese whisky....

Considering in this theory that money is no option and so is the theory of no trouble sourcing I'll just happily take four bottles of every whisky ever made.

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systemdown replied

As many pre-WW2 whiskies that I could get my hands on. Certainly, any bottle still existing today that contains whisky distilled pre 1900 would be amazing to try. And while I'm at it, every bottle that exists from every dead or silent distillery!

I can't really name individual bottles that I would want, I haven't experienced enough to know what my "holy grail" whiskies would be.

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cowfish replied

White Bowmore - I had a sip of someone else's dram at last year's TWE Whisky Show and was rather taken by it. I suspect I'd need a whole bottle to properly understand it...

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Abunadhman replied

1956 Talisker 18yo. Distillery Edn. in the pint (13 1/3 fl. oz.) bottles - Not the '56 Black Talisker Independent bottling, which is very good indeed (McPhail's?) but not as special as the 1/2 bot. Dist. Edn.

I doubt that there is any available, anywhere, save about 3oz. in a small bot. in my cabinet: This is my landmark Dram and i sincerely wish that all members of connosr. find for themselves a dram that defines their Whisky drinking journey / experience!

Cheers and Good Luck!

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Gurre1 replied

Something old! Something Islay! can't say i've tried alot of Whiskies but still, nothign have beaten Islay yet!

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