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Mortlach 16 Year Old

Leave this out for Santa

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17th Dec 2011


Mortlach 16 Year Old
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Mortlach 16 year old flora and fauna is in our winter warmers tasting pack.

Tony writes: The vast majority of the production of up to 2.8 million litres at Mortlach goes into Johnny Walker Black Label. Because of this, Mortlach has a very low profile as a single malt; it does not even have a website. There are only two official bottlings: this 16 year old which forms part of Diageo’s flora and fauna range and a very expensive 32 year old. Of course, whisky fans know all about it and there are many independent bottlings, but I find it odd Diageo do not promote it more as OBs. Mortlach is an elegant sherried whisky full of the taste of Christmas cake. Ideal for a cold winter’s night.

I'm generally not a big fan of sherried whiskies but I love this. None of the harsh notes I seem to commonly get with sherried whisky, all the sweet warming.

Pat's notes: Nose: Coffee, Blackcurrant, Oranges, Big, heavy sherry, butterscotch sauce. Dry and dusty.

Taste: Rich sherry, ripe grape, liquorice, brazil nut. Spices held in check, with a slightly drying and minty finish.


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mattberg commented

I'm a big Mortlach fan and have tried several bottles this past year, have just acquired this 16yo and will review soon...

12 years ago 0

coin commented

A brilliant malt indeed! Very well balanced and excellent finish.

12 years ago 0