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Most unique whiskey you've tried?

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ewhiskey started a discussion

I was recently invited to a family friend's house to watch hockey and during the game he brought out a bottle I had never seen before. It looked very old. He bought it at an antique store and it was King's Ransom. Upon further research, he discovered that it dated back to 1942 and it was a favourite of Sir Winston Churchhill. It even had a label on the back that said "TO COMPLY WITH CANADIAN WAR-TIME REGULATIONS THIS WHISKEY IS TEMPORARILY BOTTLED AT THIRTY UNDER PROOF. THE QUALITY IS UNCHANGED" All this to say, I was privileged to have had a dram of this scotch. I was tempted to analyze it while drinking, but instead I just appreciated the rich history that I was ingesting. It was good though.

What was the most unique bottle that you've ever tried? And has anybody else ever tried King's Ransom?

11 years ago

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SquidgyAsh replied

@ewhiskey Awesome and cool!!!! That's just stupidly cool. My friend you got to drink a piece of history!! In answer to your question I've never tried King's Ransom, but it sure would be fun to do so. Sometimes like you just said, it's best to stop analyzing what your tasting and just enjoy it. Especially for those one off's or stupidly lucky to encounter kinds of whisky.

The most unique bottles I've ever tried have all come from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, at least at this stage. I had a Mortlach with aromas and flavors of meat and balsamic onions which was awesome, I had a Yoichi that was nothing short of stupidly complex. A Glen Moray which was full of coke that had gone flat which was awesome and delicious. Not sure if I've ever had anything REALLY out there, at least not yet :D

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Great question! Unfortunately, I don't know if I have a very good answer. Living in Japan, there are many Japanese whiskies I have had which are simply not available in most other parts of the world but, of course, are relatively common here. If I had to answer this question just based on lack of availability and price... maybe Yamazaki 1984.

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FMichael replied

Most unique?

The Balvenie Tun 1401 batch #3...A few months ago I was at a local liquor store that just so happens to "favor" Balvenie whisky; they were the 1st in a 30 mile radius to carry the Balvenie 17 yr Double Wood..I purchased 2 bottles (1 for me, and 1 for my mother as a retirement gift).

Not only did they wrap it up nicely for me, but also asked if I'd like a wee dram of the Tun 1401 since I had just dropped roughly $250 in their store...I've been back there several times since; really nice guys!

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PMessinger replied

@ewhiskey The most unique whisky I've had so far is the Mackinlay Rare Highland Malt Whisky a.k.a the Shackleton's Whisky. This is a piece of history and well worth trying. :)

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Jason0142 replied

Glenmorangie Signet was pretty damn interesting in that they used a portion of chocolate malt in the mash to make the whisky. The Octomore 3.1 I once had was pretty damn unique to anything else I've had as well.

And finally a real unique experience with whisky was when a friend of mine gave me a glass of Loch Dhu (the black whisky) he had managed to procure. Was unique but maybe not what you'd call enjoyable.

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maltster replied

Talisker 18 the very night my first daughter was born - the 18 is one of my solid (and very good) go-to Whiskies and I also had lots of other great stuff (Springbank 60´s; Talisker from 1940´s etc..) but nothing was as exiting and unique as this...

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Rigmorole replied

Ardbeg Uigeadail: There is a strange quality in it that produces a different form of intoxication from any other whisky that I've enjoyed drinking. Not sure why. Reminds me a little of absinthe, in its effect, not in flavor, etc.

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Abunadhman replied

Macallan (say Mack allan) 'Millennium'; not in the crystal decanter at Au.$1,500 a 1oz. nip, though, but ex. distillery & at a slightly higher abv. (44.7%). My best Whisky? No! That will still go to 1956 Talisker @ 18yo. in the 1/2 bottles.


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CJV8 replied

Hmm, without doubt it would have to be the 1967 Dalmore from Sirius Whisky. What's unique about this is that it spent all of its 44 years in a rum cask. Still one of the most amazing whiskies to touch my lips, sadly I'll never own at as £3500 a bottle is just too rich for my wallet.

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Pudge72 replied

Old Potrero 18th Century Style Rye Whisky is the most unique bottle that is part of my cabinet.

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Nolinske replied

@Jason0142 My whiskey journey is shorter than most but i thought the chocolate quality of the Signet from Glenmorangie just made for an incredible dram that really set it apart for me. But let me state for the record that i have not had as many whiskies as most

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