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My Bourbon Brother

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OCeallaigh started a discussion

My brother and I started our whisk(e)y journeys at the same time and ended up in slightly different places. I love pretty much all whiskies, but would consider myself a Scotch man. My brother is all about Bourbon and Rye. I think he would really be into Scotch, he loves big powerful flavours, but at present he is very turned off by peat. I was turned off by peat at first, but over time I grew to love the stuff.

What whiskies should I give him and/or recommend to him to bring him from Woodford Reserve and Blanton's on over to the world of Single Malt Scotch???

13 years ago

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@OCeallaigh well if peat is the problem, you could introduce him to the stuff with some Highland Park (minimum peat), then Springbank or Longrow (medium peat), then Talisker and finally Islay...or you could try with slighlty peated Islays, like Bunnahabhain or Bruichladdich...personally I don't like very much speyside's drams, I found them a bit sharp and harsh on the edges...

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LeFrog replied

Woodford Reserve and Blanton's are quite sweet so maybe try him with something like a Dalmore?

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Wodha replied

Dalwhinnie, AnCnoc, Glentauchers come to mind. Try those.

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