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Need help lining up an Arran flight.

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dloewen started a discussion

I'm sure this is the place to get experienced opinions on this topic! I'm helping put together a Robbie Burns dinner/Arran tasting in January and I want to know which 4 (or 5) bottles would you line up for this? Budget is $400 or less...bottles must be available in Canada.

7 months ago

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Arran is one of my favorite distilleries so I'll be happy to help!

  • Arran 10 is classic and a good place to start.
  • Arran 14 if it is still on shelves (discontinued this year) is one of my favorite whiskies ever!
  • Of the wine finished releases, stay away from the Port cask. The rest are all quite good.
  • Of course get a Machrie Moor for some lightly peated Arran to finish things off.

Hope that helps!

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RikS replied

@dloewen I recently wrote a small head to head of most of the lineup here if that might be of any help / interest. I think you should find it if you search “Arran vertical”. Have a nice tasting !

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Hewie replied

@dloewen it looks like you've got some excellent advice already. I second the 10 to begin with - although Arran does put out both a blended whisky and a single malt under a Robbie Burns label. I haven't actually tried either but they may suit your Burns dinner purposes. Apart from the cask finishes some of the 12 CS may be an option too. I'm sure it'll be a great night - do let us know what you choose to go with.

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BlueNote replied

@dloewen If you can find the Arran 18 at a decent price, $120 or less, I highly recommend it. I'm on my third bottle now. They come up on sale at the Calgary retailers quite regularly. Less than $100 right now at Zyn. yum

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Misty replied

Master of distilling 2. Loving that one at the moment. Palo Cortado casks...

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dloewen replied

A lot of good advice here, thank guys! I was thinking along the same lines as @casualtorture But we were hoping to start with the Robbie Burns Single Malt (if it becomes available again through LCBO) and if not, we will start with the blend available through Zyn. The 10 yo seems like a no-brainer, and then finishing with the Machrie Moor...also makes good sense.

So for the middle two: @RikS I was particularly interested in the Bothy Quarter Cask as we have quite a few Bourbon lovers in the group, you marked it quite low though...would you dissuade me from it? Or was it more just your personal taste that kept the mark low?

As for the Port, Sauternes, or Amarone...not sure yet.

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RikS replied

@dloewen absolutely I wouldn’t dissuade you from including and trying it. Taste is divergent and fickle. On the contrary, I’ll be interested to how a bourbon lover perceives it!

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@dloewen if we're opening a poll for the cask finishes, my vote is for the Amarone haha

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