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New Canadian Whisky - Dillon's

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tfahey1298 started a discussion

I was travelling through the Niagara Region this weekend and happened to notice a new Canadian whisky distiller is now open in Beamsville, ON: Dillon's Small Batch Distillers dillons.ca

They opened their doors in December 2012, and are producing unique small batch spirits. The retail outlet currently offers three spirits - a 100% Canadian white rye (unaged, unoaked), a vodka and a gin (both distilled from Niagara area wine).

Even for "new make" whisky, the White rye was very smooth - only had a tiny little taste, will need to taste a couple more times. While not likely a candidate for drinking neat, this white whisky has a definite rye spiciness and would work well in cocktails. Dillon's has put down a number of casks and will release a Canadian Rye Whisky in 2015.

Here is a link to a video interview with the distiller, Geoff Dillon: www.goodfoodrevolution.com/dillons/

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Cool stuff. I'm hoping to get out to this distillery this weekend.

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Victor replied

That is quite interesting that Canada is starting to get some artisan distilleries going. This is the golden age of whisky worldwide. I wish Dillon's luck in getting their income stream rolling. That spirits line-up sounds completely typical of the many recently opened US microdistilleries. They are all hard-up for cash for a number of years. New make, vodka, gin...get something out the door so there is SOME income. Looks like Dillon's has a big advantage in being a novelty in Canada. The many US microdistilleries are now competing heavily against each other in selling the white spirits for cash.

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tfahey1298 replied

@michaelschout White Rye, 375mL - C$19.95, 750mL -C$37.95 Gin, 375mL - C$18.95 Vodka, 375mL - C$17.95 (sorry - forgot to note the 750mL prices for the vodka & gin) No info yet on price point for the 2015 Canadian Rye, but my best guess is it would be in the same price range as the Forty Creek annual "reserve" issues ($60-$70).

Dillon's also has a line of bitters - lemon, lime, orange, pear, cranberry, cherry - with each flavour paired with different spices. 100mL (50% abv) C$9.95

The White Rye should be available in selected LCBO outlets starting April 1. The gin and vodka are to follow, but no dates yet.

Highwood Distillers' (Alberta) White Owl Whisky is listed for C$39.50 at the LCBO, do Dillon's White Rye appears to be comparably priced.

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cpstecroix replied

Their gin and vodka are great...I look forward to their rye in a few years.

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