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New Peat Monster from Compass Box

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RianC started a discussion

Just got an email from CB saying they have changed the recipe to their Peat Monster. I don't think I've ever tried it myself (maybe but can't be sure) but the general consensus seems to be a rather nice but muted peat affair.

They say they gone to a 99% Islay recipe now and have ramped up the peat and smoke with some older malts. I do wonder which distillery(s) they have added . . .

Can't link the email but will copy and paste the main guff below for anyone interested:

To better understand what excites demanding peat fans, in 2016 we organised a blind tasting of some of Scotland’s smokier malts with whisky enthusiasts in London. Call it market research.

Each taster ranked their favourites and, after tallying the results, one peat profile emerged as the overall winner.

Combining refinement with smoky power, this style of malt whisky is rare and highly prized. Our enthusiasts had chosen well.

Late in 2018, we managed to acquire stocks of single malt whisky that matched the smoky ideal revealed in our London blind tasting.

Matured for a decade and more, we discovered in our blending room that with this older spirit it was possible to amplify the smoky intensity while introducing a depth and elegance not seen before.

The Peat Monster you will all be familiar with – sporting the classic brown and gold label – has up until now showcased a wild and earthy peat character. It drew on smoky malts from Islay, Mull and Aberdeenshire.

The Painting Label of The Peat Monster, however, has become a 99% Islay malt whisky with a layering of smokiness, and a refinement, that no single distillery on that famous island could attain. With a reading of 22.2 ppm of phenols present in the final whisky, it has also become even more peaty.

Lovers of the classic The Peat Monster can look forward to comparing its exuberant and elemental character with the smokier and creamier style of the new incarnation.

The latest version offers a spectrum of powerful coastal flavours, combining the smokiness of a driftwood fire with more medicinal peat notes. Orchard fruits and rich cask-derived creaminess serve as counterpoints to the multilayered smoke.

The evolution is a subtle one, and we hope you enjoy teasing out the contrasts.

. . .

Sounds nice!

about one year ago

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Hewie replied

I don't think I've ever had CB Peat Monster either, but that does sound good. Be interesting to read some side by side comparisons when available.

about one year ago 0

RianC replied

@Hewie - Agreed! I'd forgot when I posted this that they have the recipe on their website and see that it's a blend of Caol Ila (64%) and Laphroaig with 1% Highland blend.

Now if that's some older Islay malts I think that could be a real winner! I'd be tempted to take a 'risk purchase' on that one . . . the new label is quite funky too!

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