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Nikka 12 Year Old Single Coffey Malt

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Nikka 12 Year Old Single Coffey Malt

Product details

  • Brand: Nikka
  • Bottler: Unknown
  • ABV: 55.0%
  • Age: 12 year old
  • Bottles: 3027

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Nikka 12 Year Old Single Coffey Malt

For this ‘Single Coffey Malt’ experiment, Nikka used a Coffey still, also known as contiuous still, the large industrial column still used for the production of grain whiskies. At the time of distillation, these stills were at the Nishinomiya Distillery, since they were only moved to their current location at Miyagikyo in 1999. So this is malt whisky and not grain whisky.

Well, could have fooled me! The nose reminds me of Bourbon, mixed with grain whisky. A lot of vanilla, toasted bread, white chocolate and Kenzo perfume my daughter fancies when going out. After several moments, I get honey, espresso and nuts. This is malt whisky?

The attack is razor sharp, very sweet and spirity (read: a lot of alcohol). Reminds me of Eristoff. And Bourbon again, with vanilla, banana, Batida de Coco and nutmeg. That is three drinks on one palate, but no single malt.

The finish is long and spicy.

Of the 3027 bottles, only 996 were released to the European market, so it is hard to find (and expensive). If I mix Bernheim Original (I am aware that this is not a Bourbon) and Greenore, I get the same thing. It is hard to believe Jim Murray awarded this 97 points in his 2009 bible and labeled it ‘Japanese Whisky of the Year’, but there you go. Overrated.

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