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Nikka Coffey Malt

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27th Apr 2016


Nikka Coffey Malt
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I'm reviewing a small sample a friend gave to me that he bought on a visit to Japan. So other than it is 45% ABV I cannot say too much about the bottle itself as the labels are entirely in Japanese, (although Googling will bring up some info).

Nose is predominantly sweet with Caramel, Coffee, Marzipan and just a tiny hint of grapefruit citrus. It is rich and intense becoming more so the longer it breathes in the glass. Tiny notes of aniseed and fennel become apparent. It's a nose that really builds anticipation.

The palate has an incredibly thick mouthfeel - marzipan and marshmallow immediately hit with the fennel of the nose being a bit more obvious now. Sweet treacle pudding then comes through. Oily and chewy; further coffee and caramel.

Finish is of medium length - fairly sweet again with fruit pudding notes.

A delicious whisky - its main strengths being an incredible nose and a very nice oily-thickness. It is a fairly sweet whisky but this is well balanced with a good complexity. I'll be looking for a UK bottling to see how it compares.

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