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Nikka Pure Malt White

Japan and Islay

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@VolksReview by @Volks

20th Apr 2013


Nikka Pure Malt White
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A blend of single malts (pure or vatted malt) using unnamed Islay whiskies, matured in Japan and sold to you and me for our own convenience.

  • Nose: smoke, white pepper, sugared flowers and coconut, followed by menthol and tanned leather. With water less smoke more barbeque and slightly charcoal, with medicinal and fish notes, but also bubble-gum to keep you off guard.

  • Pallet: peat and slightly phenolic peat at that, oily texture, some eucalyptus and bitter (80%ish) chocolate. With water nut oils, marmalade and floral notes come through.

  • Finish: smoke, smoke, smoke, then some earthy smoke, then the smoke (all of it) dies away to leave a strange concoction which I’m feeling silly writing down. Creamy, medicinal and lavender. I no… I no. With water did I say smoke? Well its back.

This is not a big boomer of a peaty whisky. Its much more understated, much more complex, dare i say its much easier to drink. I like it i think it has great flavours which balance with the peat nicely to create lovely complexity. Its very good

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