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Nikka Yoichi Sherry Wood Finish

Capital G

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

25th Mar 2019


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Nikka is out of mature stocks of its award winning Yoichi and hence took all whisky with age statement of the market. Until they have stocks that have reached a respectable age again, we have to make do with NAS releases. This Yoichi was finished on sherry casks casks. Very aromatic yet straightforward nose on dark fruit (think plums, raisin and dates) with caramel and honey and some sugared orange peel. Some camphor and saffron. Honeysweet with an oriental edge. I love it already. Somewhat oily, but again very, very sweet. Pear drops, tobacco, plums and then a fantastic trace of woodsmoke that gives it quite some depth. Yes… this is Good with capital G. Nice touches of oak (I even recognize some mizunara), oriental spices and leather. Grand. The finish is long, somewhat drying and nicely seasoned. Woodsmoke has the final word. Boy, oh boy… this is so Good. NAS? Yep. Do we care? Nope. It is priced exactly the same as the bourbon matured version, i.e. 180 to 200 EUR. Too much for what it is, but very good indeed.

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casualtorture commented

You had me sold until I saw the price. I know how the market for Japanese whisky is these days but geez...

about one year ago 0

markjedi1 commented

Ask Santa, for it truly is very good!

about one year ago 1Who liked this?

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