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Octomore 167 'The Beast'

HOLY S"*!!?:+

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dReview by @deanstick

20th Jun 2011


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It actually fizzed and tried to push the cork out, like it was trying to escape, neat,......dont try to sniff it, its like putting your head in the vat after they've added the yeast, taste, its warm, not feels warm, its actually warm, like its slightly radioactive, TCP, burnt rubber, has a vague cleansing aftertaste, like rinsing your mouth out at the dentist,, im not very poetic, but try soaking a peat brick in metholated spirits and having a suck, and your somewhere near, adding water/ice emeliorates the affect slightly, but only enough to make you want another.

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lucadanna1985 commented

25/25 is a very high score, is the dram really so balanced?

8 years ago 0

deanstick commented

Pretty much, first it rips out your nose, then your throat, afraid i'm not much of a connoussuer, i'm far to practictal, i just know what i like, everythings objective, my wife bought me some Laddie 'Rocks' for christmas, wouldnt clean the sink with it, but its my friends favourite, go figure.

8 years ago 0

lucadanna1985 commented

there are very few connoisseurs here and most newbies like you and me! :)I was just wondering if such a dram colud achieve such a balance...

8 years ago 0

deanstick commented

Be interesting to find out what others think, i might be really brave and try some more tonight, i'll not be trying it neat again though, just a nip of ice water or a cube or two

8 years ago 0

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