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Octomore 5 Year Old Edition 4.2 Comus

Peaty Quantum of Solace

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@RantavahtiReview by @Rantavahti

6th Feb 2013


Octomore 5 Year Old Edition 4.2 Comus
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Octomore 4.2 Comus/167 ppm was a big disappointment at first that grew up to be a less of a disappointment. Just like the second Bond by Daniel Craig, Comus had high expectations. Casino Royale had been great and very hard to top. Octomores I didn't have any experience of but I surely was keen on tasting that 167 ppm’s of peatiness. To be clear, both Quantum of Solace and Comus were good, but not great.

To be fair, Comus is good because the smokiness is consistent in its taste (which is unfortunately not the case in all peaty whiskies). The main disappointment was the nose, I could hardly spot any smoke in it. It was way too subtle for my taste. The nose was lacking personality in other ways as well.

Nose: Strong at first but gets pretty subtle in many ways. Very very subtle with peat, kinda spicy and kinda fruity but all the aromas were very light.

Mouth: Honey and smoke mixed together, the taste is nicely intense. A wee oily with some grapes in it.

Finish: This time smoke gets almost in your eyes. Long and smoky, just the way I like it!

Balance: Powerful on the phenols, I guess after all, you can call this a peat monster thought we had a rough start. The positive thing about it is that it gets better along the way!

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paddockjudge commented

@Rantavahti - you make no mention of the bottle nor the source of the whisky. I am curious if you poured this from a newly opened bottle. The reason for asking this question - when I opened my second bottle of this expression, my wife was about to call the fire department..."creosote ties on fire" - I spilled a small amount on my hand and it stayed with me for a considerable period of time.

I had no problem detecting the peat in this one; as a matter of fact, it was quite evident before any of this whiky had been poured into a glass. What I did find puzzling was the taming of the peatiness on the palate - it did not translate proportionally from the nose to the mouth.

10 years ago 0

Rantavahti commented

This one was a sample ordered from whiskysite.nl so I don't know the history of the bottle. When thinking back, I might have been too harsh on both Octomores that I tasted, because I was expecting something mind blowing. It would be nice to taste more of 'em, and own a whole bottle instead of sampling.

Here's my review of the Octomore 5.1/169ppm connosr.com/reviews/bruichladdich/…

10 years ago 0

paddockjudge commented

@Rantavahti, I agree with your statement; "it would be nice to taste more of 'em, and own a whole bottle instead of sampling." So often a sample does not portray the true image of a whisky...if you had been in the room when I opened a bottle of the Octomore Comus 4.2, you would have been totally impressed by the heavy aroma, a smokey blanket...probably not achievable with a sample.

Still, a nice review mentioning many characteristics that I detected in this whisky also; thank you for posting it.

10 years ago 0

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