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Old Potrero Single Malt 18th Century Style Whiskey


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28th Jul 2018


Old Potrero Single Malt 18th Century Style Whiskey
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  • Brand: Old Potrero
  • ABV: 52%
  • Batch: 2016

Old Potrero is a single malt from San Fransisco, distilled and matured by the Anchor Distilling Company (although recently renamed Hotaling & Co, after Anchor Brewing Company was sold from the group and the distillery wanted to avoid any legal entanglements). Their aim with Old Potrero is to reconstruct the original whiskey profile from the 18th Century, using classic pot still. It is distilled from 100% rye. It matured for 2 years and 6 months.

Oxo! Maggimix. That is the first thing I smell. How atypical! All kinds of soups and broths that have little to do with whiskey in my book. Quite some anise and loads of blank wood. This smells more like a virgin oak matured grappa than a single malt.

The arrival is powerful and hot, but luckily with a little bit of sweetness now. Think apricots, white chocolate and some honey. But the green herbs and oak return in full force quickly.

The finish is soft, medium long and sweet, but with quite a bit of wood again at the death. Pure plankish. Ugh.

Very special whiskey, but absolutely not for me. The nose is very difficult. With a big thank you to my buddy Robert from far-off Qu├ębec. I have not yet seen this in my neck of the woods.