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Old Pulteney Navigator Cup Yacht Race

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two_bitcowboy started a discussion

You may have heard of Old Pulteney's limited edition whisky, Navigator, released September 1, 2013. The distillery released the whisky in honor of sponsoring 1 or 12 yachts in the Clipper 2013-2014 Round the World Race. Today Race 8 started in Brisbane, Australia, en route to Singapore, and the title of this leg is Old Pulteney Navigator Cup, which is sponsored by the distillery.

Here's a news clip from the race site:


Oh, and the Navigator whisky, a vatting of bourbon and sherry casks, 46%, ucf, natural color, and delicious.

10 years ago

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PMessinger replied

@two-bit-cowboy Excellent, I've been following this event myself being a fan of OP and a sailor who has traveled over much of the area that the team is now. I'm glad I bought my OP 30yr old to go with the 3 bottles of OP 12ry and 1 OP 17yr I have. :)

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