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Old Scout Smooth Ambler SB Rye 7 YO

Single Barrel # 846 Rye

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@VictorReview by @Victor

20th Mar 2016


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  • Brand: Old Scout Smooth Ambler
  • ABV: 60.5%

The reviewed bottle has been open for 3 months and is 40% full. My understanding is that Old Scout Smooth Ambler Rye Whiskey is distilled at Midwest Grain Products Ingredients (MGPI) in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. MGPI sources massive amounts of both rye and bourbon whiskeys to many independent bottlers. I do not know where the whiskey was aged. The reviewed bottle is from barrel # 846, bottled at a barrel strength of 60.5% ABV

Nose: rich intense rye nose, which is both very spicy and very dark fruity. Fabulous quality and fabulous sweet and sour balance. Water added brings out sweetness, merges the flavours and diminishes the fruit. Also beautiful with water. Score: 24.5/25

Taste: blows away the taste buds with delicious spicy intensity. Excellent translation of the excellent nose. Water added enhances sweetness, but is not as interesting. Score: 24/25

Finish: long, strong, migrates slightly to the sour; not quite the equal to what precedes it. Water added merges the flavours. Score: 22/25

Balance: outstanding in the nose and on the palate; adequate on the finish. Score: 23/25

Total Sequential Score: 93.5 points

Strength: very strong flavours throughout. Score: 24/25

Quality: all of the component flavours are excellent. Score: 24/25

Variety: lots of variety in the flavours. Score: 24/25

Harmony: excellent in nose and on palate; adequate on the finish. Score: 22/25

Total Non-Sequential Score: 94 points

Comment: this is a top-tier barrel of Rye Whiskey, up there with Willett Family Estate barrels and Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Ryes. This is some of the best MGPI Rye I have had, along with some of those MGPI barrels of Willett. I highly recommend barrel strength 7 yo Old Scout Smooth Ambler Rye


tjb commented

I've not tried the rye but the old scout straight bourbon is astonishing. I am genuinely shocked how good it is. Bottled at 49.5% and just sooo drinkable. a definite +90.

3 years ago 0

Robert99 commented

@Victor Is this easier to get than WFE or BTAF? You do know that by writing great reviews like this one, you make all of us salivating for it.

BTW, I was wondering if you had the opportunity to taste Abraham Bowman Pioneer Spirit, I would really like to read your review of it.

3 years ago 0

Victor commented

@Robert99, Old Scout Smooth Ambler 7 yo Rye is getting scarce too, but is easier to get than Willett Family Estate, and much easier to get than Buffalo Trace Antique Collection. In other words, as of now, there is still some of it around, but supply is vanishing fast, by all reports.

"Pioneer Spirit" is the second half of the full name of all Abraham Bowman releases, of which there have been maybe 8 so far, including some odd items like ginger beer (?) casks. I think that you tried some of the Abraham Bowman Pioneer Spirit 17 yo bourbon, 73.75% ABV, when you tasted at my house. You'll get a chance to taste that one again soon. It used to be that Abraham Bowman releases were sold at my county liquor stores, but it seems that the more recent releases have been sold only through the distillery.

3 years ago 0

Victor commented

@tjb, to the best of my knowledge all of the Old Scout Smooth Ambler products are sourced through the MGPI distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Different styles of whiskey, same distillery. Like Beam, Heaven Hill, Buffalo Trace, Wild Turkey, etc., they make both bourbon whiskeys and rye whiskeys.

3 years ago 0

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