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Nelom started a discussion

I just came upon this post on the Canadian Whisky subreddit, and since there's a fair number of Connosrs from Ontario I thought it might be of interest here:

I have been a follower of this subreddit for awhile, and wanted to share some potential news. For the past 9 months I have been running a small whisky club, and after much, much, MUCH research and discussions with the governing bodies, I am tip-toeing towards the feasibility of opening this club as a full-bottle membership site.

So, of course, the reason I come to you: I'd love your thoughts and ideas on what would make a membership site beneficial/useful to you. Things I know I am wanting to focus on:

  • Full bottles, not sample drams: One thing that has worked really well with our group is the acknowledgment that if I never get a bottle with (insert characteristic) I will never be able to expand my palette, or add to my collection in which I will be able to serve anything to anyone

  • Import, import, import! Looking into all the ways in which I could get product here, within the constraints of the LCBO (necessary evil)

  • Keeping membership cheap as possible, adding future tiers for members who want unique bottles or limited releases

  • Information-driven, I am close to having a Canadian whisky judge on as a selector!

  • Support to our Canadian craft-distilleries

Anyway, as I said, it's been 9 months of formulating ideas, but I would appreciate thoughts/ideas as well. Thanks in advance.

I have no idea if this will ever become a reality. I've no more knowledge about this than you do, now that you've read that post. But if it sounds interesting, you can follow the thread here: reddit.com/r/canadawhisky/…

It was just posted about 45 minutes ago, so no comments yet, but I suspect it won't be long.

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tfahey1298 replied

The club format sounds very similar to The Companions of the Quaich. It is a whisky tasting society, with chapters across Canada. Format is a three course dinner with a whisky served at each course. Whiskies are primarily sourced by the society president, Ed Patrick. Most are independent bottling of single malt scotch whisky. Some whiskies are also sourced through Kensington Wine Market. Each local chapter convenor is also free to source their own whiskies for a particular meeting, i.e. in March, Irish whiskey is sometimes selected, usually sourced from the LCBO or other local spirits retailer specific to the province. Depending on the whisky, the convenor will have extra bottles ( 2 to 4) available for purchase by members. If there are more members want to purchase a particular bottle, then names are drawn from a hat to allocate by luck of the draw.

For more info, go here: www.thequaich.com

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paddockjudge replied

@Nelon, A noble cause and one I could get behind.

I mean what I am about to state with no intention of malice, prejudice, nor any attempt to undermine your franchise; the only way I would be on board is SANS LCBO influence, regulation, administrative fees or tariffs.

I will give you my full support providing not one cent goes to the LCBO, with the exception of a special occasion permit, in the event one be required.

Buck-a-beer is a pipe dream; whisky drinkers need a dream too.

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