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JohnMcWindows started a discussion

Imagine you would be participating in a challenging TV show. Nothing whisky related. However,... the winner goes home with a huge amount of bottles.

To be honest, so far, you're not doing all that well in that show. He/she used to do better @ Connosr, the audience is already whispering... Everybody is rather disappointed about your performance. It's time to do something...

Out of the blue, your chances turn 180°. They open a huge cabinet and (you could easily say) all brands are on the shelfs. More than you've ever seen together before. You can use them all if you want. To encourage yourself to start the test to save your reputation or to do magic to win the game. Now you can pay them back and,... you will!

EAT THIS ! I am the only one who will win these bottles!

Tough talk mate, proove it! -

What's the challenge? To create a unique type of pancake. THE ULTIMATE WHISKY PANCAKE.

What would you 'blend' together and 'where' would you add 'what' during the creation process? How would you beat your competition since all of a sudden your reputation depends on a WHISKY PANCAKE for crying out loud. The whole world is watching...

I hope you know how to make a pancake otherwise you're in big trouble, buddy ;-)

14 years ago

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markjedi1 replied

@ John Mc Windows: the ultimate whisky pancake? Errr... I'm actually at a loss for words, mate. That doesn't happen often, I can assure you.

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Pierre replied

Mark I think you've just said what everyone was thinking!

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mohler replied

Amazing! I'm sure we could figure out a recipe if you really need it in a hurry, text me....

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No chefs on this network he?

Come on guys, whisky is a beautiful fluid to experiment with, no? I often do, why don't you give it a try? Take a discount one as far as I am concerned.

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