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Podcasts! Which ones are your favourites?

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Nelom started a discussion

I do a lot of walking every day, and more often than not I'll be listening to a podcast to pass the time and to perhaps learn something.

I have a pretty decent lineup that keeps me entertained most of the time, but I'm always keen to learn of new podcasts that I may not have tried. So, I thought I'd start a thread here and see if there are any other fans of podcasts here that wouldn't mind sharing their favourites.

As for me, this is what I'm listening to on any given walk:

The /Filmcast - A movie/TV news and review show. The three hosts are fun to listen to, and each episode they will talk about some movie news, what they've been watching, as well as review one (or sometimes two) newly released movie. They're always careful about avoiding spoilers, which is nice and a reason I often don't read movie reviews. Each episode is usually 90-120 minutes.

Daily Tech Headlines and TWiT Bits - These two shows scratch the same itch. They're very short shows giving daily technology news. Not very in-depth, basically a headline and a few minutes of details. If there's something that seems particularly interesting, I then just Google to learn more. Each episode is between 4-10 minutes.

Here's the Thing - An NPR show hosted by Alec Baldwin, where he has a conversation with various interesting people from many different walks of life. From politicians, to actors and filmmakers, to businesspeople, to authors, and so on. Each episode is 30-60 minutes.

Material - Another tech news show that's primarily about Android (the operating system) and also the overall Google eco-system of products and services. Each episode is 60-90 minutes.

The Nerdist Podcast - Chris Hardwick (often along with one or two co-hosts) do long-form interviews with various Hollywood people. He's got a charming, disarming way about him and while the various celebrities are usually there to plug a movie or show, the vast majority of each interview is generally just a big long conversation. Each episode is usually 60 minutes.

WhiskyCast - This is the granddaddy of all whisky podcasts, but I only just started listening to it the other day. Mark Gillespie talks about various whisky news and often interviews someone from the whisky world. Each episode is usually 45-75 minutes.

The Whisky Topic - Mark Bylok (author of The Whisky Cabinet) and Jamie Johnson basically sit around and talk about whisky. Each episode is different than the other, but sometimes they interview someone, other times they discuss something newsworthy out of the whisky world, and sometimes they discuss and explore one particular topic. Each episode is usually 45-60 minutes.

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NNWhisky replied

It's been a while since I listened to Podcasts religiously, but I know of a low key bourbon show presented by a couple of English guys www.bourbongents.com

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Pudge72 replied

I’ve been binge-listening various whisky podcasts lately, to get an idea of the type of content out there.

1) For those who love the history and stories behind whisky, Whisky Lore, by Drew Hanush, is fantastic. Well researched and well told, with a wide range of topics covered.

The majority of episodes cover/focus on American whiskey, as he lives in South Carolina. His episodes on who was really behind the success of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and womens involvement in the whisky industry are particularly good.

He is currently in the midst of a multi part series covering his travels to Ireland, which had been inspired by Alfred Barnard’s travels in the late 1800’s. I’m going to listen to the series, once all the episodes are posted, while sipping from my Irish bottles, particularly the Tullamore DEW distillery only bottling, in my cabinet.

2) Whiskey Noobs by Chris Chapanar is a great offering for anyone who is interested in/just getting into, whisky as a hobby.

The delivery is a little rough around the edges at times, but his accessible approach to, and enthusiasm for, the hobby is evident throughout, as you follow his gradual immersion into all things whisky. He takes a down to earth, budget conscious approach that is refreshing. His focus skews towards bourbon as he is based in Ohio.

3) For those here in Ontario, the Whisky Rant podcast is well worth following, if only for the regular, accurate, and deserved shots that Rob and Jeremy take at the LCBO’s whisky-specific ineptitude.

Their seemingly ample budgets, combined with an apparently extensive network of whisky contacts, affords them the ability to source/sample a deep library of bottlings, mainly Scotch, which are out of reach for most in this province.

4) for a non-whisky podcast, I absolutely love The Office Ladies, an episode-by-episode rewatch of the American version of The Office tv show. It is co-hosted by two of the shows’ actors (and best friends) Jenna Fisher (Pam, the secretary) and Angela Kinsey (Angela, the very conservative accountant).

They do a fantastic job highlighting behind the scenes material, largely through personal recollection and excellent research that often draws on material from other actors, writers, and production staff.

Their enthusiasm for their craft, the joy they drew from working on the show, and the challenges that were involved in getting the show (to stay) on the air are presented in an incredibly compelling manner. Their genuine affection for each other, and everyone associated with the show, gets you emotionally invested in the podcast, and allows the episodes to veer into topics that have little if anything to do with The Office.

One of the best podcasts out there, imho.

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RianC replied

@Pudge72 - thanks for the list, ill try and check some of them out. The only thing of this nature I dip into is the aqvavitae live streams, although I tend to watch or listen in small batches, as it were.

Non whisky - the only podcast I would ever seek out is the Joe Rogan one and that heavily depends on the guest(s). Some have been very illuminating - the one with the Twitter execs and Tim Pool being very eye opening and a great insight into how algorithms rule social media (and, arguably, peoples minds). You know, I should probably check if Tim Pool does a podcast, he's one of few modern journalists who actually give the job title the credit it's due.

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Nozinan replied

@RianC Wow! I cancelled my daughter's subscription to Spotify because they carry JR's podcast. The amount of filth and disinformation that comes out of that guy's mouth transcends even "It's so stupid it's funny" territory...

I'd much rather stick to whisky...Ralfy anyone?

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RianC replied

@Nozinan - 'One Man's meat' and all that slight_smile . As said, it really depends on the guest and I like the format where he lets them speak for themselves without the questions being primed, pre-agreed and set-up - makes for interesting discussions, and we seldom see this on mainstream media anymore. Sure, some are more genuine and informed than others, and some are unwatchable, but I've found some to be very interesting and give perspectives seldom seen in the mainstream.

As you might garner, I'm not a fan of the current trend to suppress voices, however crazy they might be. What's that 'auld Rabbie' quote ralfy often pops out, 'Freedom and whisky gang thegither'. wink

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@Pudge72 I love The Office Ladies. I’m way behind though…

@RianC I’m more “miss” than “hit” with JR. Some of his guests are interesting but so many of them are obvious snake oil salesmen.

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Pudge72 replied

@RianC …I’ll likely binge Whisky Sisters, The Whisky Advisor (though this one seems to have ceased in 2020), and The Malt Whisky Trail in the near future, as I have just started on this particular path of whisky exploration/education via podcast.

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