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Port Charlotte An Turas Mor

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@VolksReview by @Volks

24th Aug 2013


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Mr ralfy.com reviewed this a quite while back stating it was a whisky for a more advanced pallet with a budget. I think that is the perfect description, this is an interesting and somewhat challenging whisky which ive been told is a vatting of the PC7 and PC8. Here are my notes

  • Nose: mustard seed, smoked ham and vintage cheddar, pears and apples with coastal notes and sooty peat. With water lots of continuation from the nose, but now there is a real BBQ character to the whisky also more of a wet hay thing going on.

  • Pallet: oily and kind of prickly mouth feel, more of the cheddar and ham from the nose, there is also some nice peat, chili and a bit of a grain whisky note going on. Tasted neat it’s, hot and nippy. With water citrus really comes through as does some honey which dampens some of the flavours nicely.

  • Finish: a pretty strange (and good combination) of green apple, dark chocolate and sooty cold smoke. With water much the same but more green apple

  • Mark neat – 8.6, with water 8.7

I wouldnt recommend this for a beginner, and it may be too advanced for me, but i enjoyed it none-the-less and given its price of ~105AUD its bloddy good value.

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