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Powers John's Lane 12 Year Old Single Pot Still

My first pot still

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WReview by @Wierdo

24th Aug 2019


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Review is from a 50ml sample kindly provided by @RianC (who's username I type so often it now comes up on the predictive text on my phone!).

I drank this about a month ago made some notes and just didn't get around to typing up the review.


Lovely nose on this that made me think of barley fields in the summer. Slight alcoholic nip but that's OK. Spicy and soft sweet fruits, straw, cereal, some dried fruits and cut grass. The cut grass comes through really strong.


Decent mouthfeel. Quite chewy. Spicy in an indistinct way not really pepper something else I can't pin down. That grassy note again, caramelized oranges, pineapple, butter, barley sugar sweets.


Reasonably long and spicy with the dried fruits really coming through.

So I enjoyed my first Irish pot still. It didn't seem overally complex but a little different. That grassy note is lovely and is interwoven into every part of the whiskey. Definitely a summer dram. This goes for around £45-50 in the UK and at that price I'd be tempted to grab a bottle if I saw it on a shelf and fancied something different.

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Victor commented

@Wierdo thank you for your review.

A 50 ml bottle to review doesn't give you the opportunity to observe air effects. The bottle of Powers Johns Lane 12 yo with which I am most familiar is my sister's. It started out stiff and quite frankly very disappointing. I had bought a 750 ml bottle of it for myself as well, and at that point I thought that I had made a big mistake. After a lot of open bottle air time that bottle of @Maddie's is now a huge treat which I greatly look forward to sampling when I am in town visiting my sister. 5 years later my own bottle remains unopened, but I know that I will just give it time if I am unhappy with it at first.

4 years ago 3Who liked this?

RianC commented

@Victor - Totally agree about giving this one air and time. I have one pour left and my second to last pour this week was the best that had come out of the bottle. It's something I've found with a lot of Irish whiskeys when I think about it . . .

@Wierdo - Nice review and glad you liked it. Even though this is presented at 46% and NCF I think I'd look to pick up a Redbreast 12 if I could find one at a good price over this. Very 'sessionable' though!

4 years ago 3Who liked this?

cricklewood commented

@Wierdo nice review! it speaks well to the attributes of the style, the grassy grain notes, the oily robust mouthfeel and the sweet barley.

@Victor @RianC after having tried a few different pot still whiskys I am no expert but they truly seem to benefit from lots air time.

4 years ago 1Who liked this?

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