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Preferred Finish?

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Alanjp started a discussion

This question has come up a couple of times when drinking whisky with various people, and i wanted to bring it out to the Connosr faithful.

Quite simply, do you prefer a long finish to your dram, or a short one? Obviously this can depend on the whisky your drinking, but generally people tend to stick to one or the other and i'm interested to know your opinions!

Personally i tend to prefer a short finish, although on one or two whiskies i've tried, the long, lingering finish it had helped make the dram that little bit more special.

13 years ago

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jeanluc replied

Interesting topic. I suppose it leads straight to the question: does a finish have to be long to be good?

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Alanjp replied

@Jean-Luc It does, and although that conversation of ours inspired this discussion, i couldnt remember the specifics, as if i had then i would have included that question in the main post! My excuse is that its been a while since then!

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Zigman replied

A good finish is everything to me. I find it the last expression to the whiskey, which makes it the more memorable.

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Peatpete replied

A long, lingering, finish, especialy one that is full of peat, is one of the finest things about whisky, for me.

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dougwatts replied

Interesting one. My default position on this is the longer the better, but then I've never really sat down and questioned it - I think I just took it as a given. Assuming you like the whisky and the finish of course (if it's nasty I guess we'd all prefer a short finish followed by a mouthful of something nicer!) then what is the rationale for preferring a shorter finish?

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Interesting thought to ponder. As I've considered the question, I've realized I don't have a preference. Just as no two whiskies offer identical scents or tastes, no two have a cookie-cutter finish either. I like that and don't prefer short to long or vice versa. I've not ever felt badly that a whisky with a short finish didn't continue on and on, and I've never wished one with a long finish would have ended sooner. I take each whisky more on face value and enjoy what it offers.

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Alanjp replied

@dougwatts A shorter finish of a whisky you like could leave you wanting more, or as much as you enjoy the taste etc, it finishes with a bang and ends the whisky nicely. Personally i feel that a whisky doesnt need to hang around or linger to be great, it can have a short burst of beauty and then disappear just as quickly!

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AboutChoice replied

Sometimes I prefer a light, but elegant drink, such as Basil Hayden's bourbon. This has a short finish, which I do not at all mind. I suppose that I am not all that much "finish-aware", except when there is something in the finnish not to like. In general I am probably similar to @two-bit cowboy in that I tend to experience and enjoy all that the dram has to offer ... sometimes a big event complete with an extended finish, requiring a chair and footstool, and others that you can savor while still on your feet.

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