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Rebel Yell 100


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@casualtortureReview by @casualtorture

10th Oct 2019


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This is a relatively new release from the Rebel Yell brand. I was actually stopping to get an OGD 114 and this caught my eye.

Facts (from modernthirst) Source: Heaven Hill MB: 68% corn, 20% wheat, 12% barley Barrel Char: #3 Entry Proof: 125

So yes, this is a wheated bourbon. My only other exposure to wheated whiskey in this price range is Makers Mark and Weller SR. Sample is neat in a glencairn. Bottle is fairly fresh so glass has sit for 30min.

Nose: Buttered corn, acorns, chestnut, oaky and then comes back to corn. Not winning any awards for complexity but it’s pleasant enough. Also noteworthy is that this doesn’t have much in the way of the soft fruity notes I associate with wheated whiskey.

Palate: Buttered corn again, but then some vanilla frosting, apple, salted caramel and crystallized sugar. Its actually pretty darn good. Nice strength of flavour, not harsh, quite enjoyable and an improvement from the nose.

Finish: Apple and vanilla frosting again. Fairly oaky on the finish too. Spicy fresh oak. As it wanes the nutty characteristics from the nose return.

Overall: My impression is that this tastes more “bourbony” and less “wheaty” than say Makers or especially Weller SR. But I don’t mind that especially since this has a bit more “oomph” than either of those (granted it has a slight abv advantage). The nose left a little to be desired but it tastes good. At $16 though I see no reason why this wouldn’t be a repeat purchase later.

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