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Rittenhouse Straight Rye 100 Proof

Sweet Surrender

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@peatsmokerReview by @peatsmoker

10th Oct 2010


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My favorite Rye!

This whiskey has it all. A luxurious rye for around Twenty Dollars. I save this one for the last dram (it can still be a dram!) of the night. By the time I've had a few sips, I feel that there's nowhere else I'd like to be. It envelops me in a warm soporific blanket and tucks me in with a tender kiss on the cheek.

Even though it's 50% it only needs the smallest drop of water to open it up. This review is based on tasting with just a drop of water where it's full potential can be realized.

If you are looking for a rye to mix drinks with, stay away! This is a rare treat in this world of overpriced tat and it should be cherished and treated with the respect it deserves!

A classic!

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CharlieDavis commented

Indeed: a fabulous rye deserving of the highest accolades, regardless of price.

11 years ago 0

Requiem commented

Nice review. Whenever I see "soporific" in a review, I put that whisky on my wish-list. I'm heading out tomorrow to get a bottle of the Rittenhouse, even though it sells in Ontario for $35 (!).

10 years ago 0

Requiem commented

Boy! Sipping this right now. Agreed that a teeny-tiny droplet of water doth open it up. I found the nose a bit closed before so doing. [ . . . ]

Nah (second glass), changed my mind: no water necessary. Great big kick: long finish, really lingering in a positive way. Straight American rye whisky gone straight to my head--just where I like it. (Forgive me: I'm new to American straight rye). Whew-eee! To be continued.

10 years ago 0

Victor commented

I commented on another review of Rittenhouse 100 proof that there is also an 80 proof version, the tan bottle pictured in the Connosr Rittenhouse page, rather than the black bottle which you have. Add a little water to the BIB version and presto! you have the 80 proof version neat.

10 years ago 0

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