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Royal Lochnagar 1996 Distillers Edition

Winey and complex

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@jfpilonReview by @jfpilon

13th Apr 2011


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I tasted this dram at an SAQ location. What a nice one.

Everything about this whisky is quite different: the whisky is finished in Muscat barrel. It gives an amazingly complex wine and fruit nose with some sirupy and nutmeg notes. Like a nice and rich rice pudding.

The nose screamed old sirupy wine. Very golden and summery. I was fascinated. I just coulnd't get my nose out of it. I was trying other whiskys and rums at the same time, but I kept coming back again and again to the Lochnagar. So complex.

We have a winery here in Quebec that have a special product that they leave in glass "Dame Jeanne" outside for 24 seasons. And in Quebec, we have extreme seasons: lowas around minus 30°C in winter to 37°C in summer. And we can sometime have 20° or even 30° temperature deltas in less then 24h. But the resulting fortified wine they called "La part des anges" (the angels' share) have the same flavour profile: nuts, toasts, toffe, crème brûlée, orange peel, butter.

And the finish is so long: an hour later, I could still get those wood spices and riped fruit notes on my tongue. Great stuff.

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jeanluc commented

I've never tried Royal Lochnagar, this review rouses my interest however. Thanks @jfpilon

12 years ago 0

Lars commented

Just noticed that the MLCC is offering a Royal Lochnager distillers edition. Sounds like an great review I put it on my wish list maybe a B-day gift to me. Thanks

12 years ago 0

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