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Sample Sharing For The Aussies!

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SquidgyAsh started a discussion

This is for all the Aussie members! Systemdown and myself have been sending samples back and forth to one another for awhile now and it's worked out fairly well and I'm curious if any of the other Australian members want to get in on any sample sharing. We've had quite a few new aussie members join up lately and with my 2 more new whisky advent calenders I'm left grinning at my surplus of sample bottles! Please let me know if you're interested and if you're looking for any specific type of whisky as well.


11 years ago

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Jason0142 replied

I'd love to do some sample swapping. Unfortunately I don't have any whisky to trade atm. When I've got some whisky's on hand how should I contact you to see if we can swap some samples. Also what kind of bottles do you use to make a sample?

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Donski replied

i would be interested but the only problem is that i only get a bottle every month or 2 and the are either a cheap blend or something that most people have tried already. At the moment i have Dimple 15yo, J&B rare and Ardmore Traditional Cask

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SquidgyAsh replied

Glad more people are interested!!!! Just the thing for a whisky loving man to wake up to in the morning :D

First off sample bottles. Any bottle that is 30 to 50mls is perfect as that way you're not giving away a massive amount of whisky, but you're still getting a chance to try a decent amount. I bought my first batch from Dan Murphy's (50mls) and wound up swapping them with Systemdown when he sent me his samples. I've since restocked with sample bottles from the whisky calenders (cant wait for my two new ones to come in!!!!!!) however sadly it seems that the majority of the samples from the UK come in 30ml sample bottles. Either is fine with me. After that it's just trying to make sure that you have enough sample bottles on hand which can be the pain at times.

Alright guys :D I, myself am completely happy to receive blends and entry level malts, etc. Nothing wrong with them. If I haven't ever tried them before, I'm always happy to give them a go! Even if they're bad (just let me know in advance :D) @Donski those 3 whiskies you've named I've never tried so sign me right up! What's been working for me and System is we just facebook or Connosr pm one another whenever we get a new bottle that we open asking whether the other guy would like to try it or not. Neither of us have yet to say no hahaha.

Bottles that I've got open right now: Thomas H Handy 2011, William L Weller 2011, Glenlivet Nadurra, Balvenie 21 yr old Portwood, Ardbeg Galileo, Stranahan's Colorado Single Malt batch 47, Sheep Dip Old Hebridean 1990, Talisker 10 yr old, Hellyer's Road Peated, Bulleit Bourbon, Wild Turkey Bourbon, Buffalo Trace Bourbon. I'm happy to trade samples of any of those.

If you'd like to do this via facebook if it's easier just PM me here and I'll send you the details! Can't wait to get this going :D

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systemdown replied

The more the merrier! @SquidgyAsh pretty much explained it all. Most of my 50ml bottles have come from samples bought from online retailers plus a few random ones from common sample packs you can buy at bottle shops. I currently have about 30 samples to get through, the faster I drink them the faster I can re-fill with whisky for swaps (and @SquidgyAsh I will get something out to you soon, I promise).

I immediately decant all bottles I open into 250ml bottles and however many sample bottles I need for swaps (currently, one!). This means I can bottle "fresh" samples as needed. Obviously not everyone can do this on a whim, it definitely helps to have a surplus of empty bottles on hand and get a little organised for swaps beforehand. Even if you don't end up swapping, you'll have a fresh sample or two for yourself of every bottle you open so it's totally worth doing anyway I reckon.

PM me for whisk(e)ys to swap. As with @SquidgyAsh, I'm totally happy to swap for anything I've not tried before (as long as not oxidised or open too long - the fresher the better). It's not really about trying to swap based on "value" or prestige e.g. I'll happily swap high end malts for entry level blends etc.

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