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Scapa 16 Year Old

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@AlexReview by @Alex

10th Feb 2011


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When I got a bottle of 16-year-old malt for Christmas, at first I was excited. But when I looked more closely at the bottle I was presented with, I couldn't subdue a hint of disappointment. It was a bottle distilled by Scapa, 'the Orcadian', but for me it might as well have been another namesake's designer polo shirt.

Hard feelings quickly disappeared when I tasted the malt in good company. It appeared to be a very smooth and sweet malt, but this might have been due to the good company I was in.

When I gave it a second try though, my appraisal of the whisky was quickly put in perspective. Although it was still as smooth, it had far less different tastes than I could remember from the party.




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sam commented

Thanks for the review!

10 years ago 0

jasonbstanding commented

Interesting. Something that the Scapa 16 has that's different to many others is a really salty/maritime characteristic. Probably wouldn't drink it in isolation, but as a contrast with other whiskies, it's fascinating.

9 years ago 0

GregLogan commented


I am not sure I would be quite so hard on S16 - I understand maybe not quite as complex or as intense - perhaps a bit ladylike - but very, very pleasant and smooth and so far quite consistent - certainly very drinkable with dinner (inc. salmon). I sort of liken to Pyramid Hef - always consistent, rich enough without being overpowering and good with food - sort of a go to basic if I don't recognize any other tap I am interested in.

So S16 - quite safe and a great scotch to introduce to a newby - esp. a lady I think.

Mark: 82 (at present)

9 years ago 0

FMichael commented

I agree with GregLogan; while the Scapa 16 yr is nothing complex, nor exciting - it does have a soft, and somewhat sweet taste that I personally find enjoyable for a warm summer night...My only knock against the Scapa 16 yr is that it's a pricey malt; for $75 I could find more complex, and interesting single malts.

8 years ago 0

GregLogan commented

Price is definitely an issue - I would take an HP18 or Tally18 over a much more expensive Springbank 18 anytime.... and would enjoy them much more as well as save $$. In fact, the next Springer18 will be acquired solely as an experiment to prove out my sense or lack there of of the final experience of the first bottle (which may have been somewhat marred due to a heated environment... :-( ).

8 years ago 0

YakLord commented

@FMichael - its $120 CAD up here in Ontario, and $110 CAD in Calgary...not sure of the price in other provinces, but it is pricy. Still haven't opened my bottle yet, but I was impressed with a Gordon & MacPhail 1993/2004 bottling of Scapa, which is why I bought the 16.

8 years ago 0

FMichael commented

Yaklord - www.winesearcher.com is the search engine I use to locate hard to find whisky's...I'm not sure how the authorities in Canada feel about shipments of alcohol from the United States; my guess is they frown upon it...Anywho - give it a try - ya might find some good deals regardless.

8 years ago 0

mithion commented

Is the 16 year old that different from the 14? A review by ralfy from ralfy.com describe the 14yo as quite complex. www.youtube.com/watch He does mention that he liked the 14 better than the 16, but it's hard to believe that the goodness of the 14 is all lost in 2 extra years of maturation.

8 years ago 0

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