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Scotch and Chocolate

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Nozinan started a discussion

I have had some successful pairings of Scotch and Chocolate.

Browsing the site of my favourite chocolate store, in Stratford Ontario, I came across this. I can't go but for anyone who is interested...I just hope they don't serve mint smoothies or you won't taste anything else.


6 years ago

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Hi! You might want to check out my book, Deep Tasting Chocolate & Whiskey. R. M.Peluso

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Hi, Nozinan! I stumbled upon this website and noted a discussion on chocolate & whisky. I’m always happy to discuss my two passions. I present my book as part of my bona fides. Online, it!s easy to find opinions and another thing to find informed opinions. RM

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Nozinan replied

@revrmpeluso Well, welcome to Connosr. You'll find 3 ways to take part:

  1. Post reviews - and be sure to add comments about chocolate pairings, I certainly have done so in the past.

  2. Post comments either to reviews or discussion threads

  3. follow and be followed, and send private messages.

Once again, welcome.

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Frost replied

I was at a tasting the other night and the Talisker people paired up the line up with Reese's Pieces peanut butter cups - the salt set it off and it was nice.

Still, don't think I could pair them at home.

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archivist replied

Just poking around some of the past discussions. While I have not tried Talisker with Reese's peanut butter cups, one of my favorite treats is to pair Glendronach 12 with Theo Chocolates' Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. The dark chocolate compliments the maltiness of the whisky, and the salty peanut butter cuts a little bit of the caramel I sometimes get from the dram too. I've had other dark chocolate as well, but this Theo chocolate is especially good.

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